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Establishment of coal machinery equipment Research Institute of Yangquan Coal Mining Group recently, the Establishment Ceremony of coal machinery equipment Research Institute of Yangquan Coal Mining Group was held in the conference center of Yangquan hotel for better utilization of plastic recycled particles industry. This marks that the coal machinery equipment manufacturing industry of Yangmei group has embarked on the road of specialization, cooperation, openness and transformation

at the beginning of this year, in view of the current situation that the R & D capacity formed in the historical process of the equipment manufacturing sector is congenitally deficient and restricts the development of the industry, through top-level design and scientific decision-making, Yang Coal Group clarified the idea of gathering industry leaders and preparing to establish the coal Machinery Equipment Research Institute of Yang coal group, aiming to comprehensively improve the core competitiveness of equipment enterprises and promote the reform and innovation of equipment manufacturing industry through resource integration and coordinated development, Transformation and upgrading

according to the concept of "walking with giants and joining hands with capable people", the newly established coal machinery equipment research institute will be based on the group's underground test advantages, integrate multiple research and development teams of enterprises in the sector, adhere to the strategic goal of "independent research and development, high-end products, complete sets of equipment, export-oriented market, and 'one-stop' service", and strive to improve the ability of independent research and development of membrane control keyboards and electronic counters, Fully mobilize the R & D and innovation enthusiasm of personnel at all levels, closely track the cutting-edge technology of coal machinery equipment, accelerate the transformation of achievements, and make greater contributions to the construction of the group's high-end coal machinery equipment aircraft carrier fleet and the creation of a new industrial service industry. The institute implements the responsibility system of president and director. The main technical consultants and experts are from Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Taiyuan University of technology, Taiyuan University of science and technology, Beijing Mining Institute, Taiyuan Academy of Coal Sciences, Xi'an Academy of Coal Sciences, Chongqing Academy of Coal Sciences and other famous universities and scientific research institutions. At present, the research institute has set up 10 research institutes, including support technology, scraper 7, market capacity analysis conveyor technology, mining equipment technology, etc. it has hired 8 high-end leading talents in the domestic coal machinery industry, set up a research branch in Germany, and set up a mine pressure support laboratory in Beijing. The operation of the research institute has been on track

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