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The annual coal order contract will be signed, and the coal price is expected to stabilize temporarily

the annual coal order contract will be signed, and the coal price is expected to stabilize temporarily

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on November 20, the national development and Reform Commission station disclosed the situation of the 43rd joint meeting on the difficulty relief of the coal industry organized by the economic operation regulation Bureau of the national development and Reform Commission on November 19. The meeting proposed three major measures for large coal enterprises to play an exemplary role and maintain the basic stability of coal prices. People in the coal industry believe that the critical period of determining the contract for next year is coming soon. Whether in response to the call of government departments or their own interests, large coal enterprises have a strong willingness to support prices in December, but they continue to be bearish on coal prices after new year's Day 2016

Recently, China Coal Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as "China Coal Association") announced that the 2016 national coal trade fair will be held in Erdos, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region from December 3 to 4, 2015. According to the practice in previous years, a large number of coal and downstream enterprises across the country will sign medium and long-term supply contracts during this period

at the joint meeting on coal poverty alleviation, Li Yangzhe, director of the economic operation regulation Bureau of the national development and Reform Commission, stressed that at present, the annual connection between coal production and transportation needs is imminent, and hoped that the supply and demand sides face reality, understand each other, sign purchase and sales contracts rationally, and maintain the basic stability of coal prices. Large coal enterprises should play an exemplary role, and industry associations should formulate specific measures to strengthen industry self-discipline

Li Yangzhe also mentioned that the key to extricating the coal industry from difficulties lies in resolving overcapacity and adjusting the relationship between supply and demand. In addition, we should curb the illegal construction and production of coal mines, strictly control the new production capacity, study and refine the standards and supporting measures of backward production capacity, and accelerate the pace of eliminating backward production capacity

Shenhua Group, China Coal Energy Group, Datong Coal Mine Group and Yitai group 11 Blade hardness: HRC60  ̄ 62; Knife bearing hardness HRC62 ~ 64 enterprises were invited to attend the above meeting

it is understood that in the poverty relief work of the coal industry that lasted for nearly a year and a half, the national development and Reform Commission, together with the national energy administration, the Ministry of finance, the people's Bank of China and other departments, has successively put forward a series of policies and measures to further promote the poverty relief of the coal industry, focusing on strengthening the governance of illegal and illegal construction of productive coal mines. Many departments jointly conducted spot checks on the illegal construction and production of coal mines in the three provinces and regions of Shanxi, Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia earlier, and basically found out the bottom line. At the same time, it urged the key coal producing provinces to ensure the stability and reliability of products and the relevant departments to speed up the implementation of the notice on joint punishment for illegal construction and production of coal mines. Relevant departments have also studied specific methods and measures to speed up the improvement of procedures for approved coal mines, and strictly control the over capacity production of coal mines

in addition, the state coal regulatory bureau proposed to reduce mining, production, area and personnel, guide the orderly exit of key state-owned coal mines with serious disasters and losses, and carry out supervision and investigation on the implementation of poverty relief measures in eight key coal producing provinces and regions, including Shanxi, Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia

the China Coal Association said publicly that it had recently carried out research on the establishment of coal mine exit mechanism and formed the first draft of policy recommendations

relevant large coal enterprises believe that although the administrative department has issued a series of measures to actively help the coal industry out of difficulties, but the industry has entered the deep winter, serious overcapacity, sluggish demand and other situations may not be solved in the short term. The latest statistics show that the current coal price has fallen back to the level at the end of 2004. The accounts receivable of coal enterprises in the first three quarters were 386.8 billion yuan, a record high

"the overall environment is bad. Coal enterprises want to stabilize their sales volume, and their cash flow cannot be interrupted. Large coal enterprises must still want to adjust prices downward." Deng Shun, an analyst of anxins coal industry, said that the peak of signing annual coal order contracts is approaching, and large coal enterprises may choose to raise prices in December, which also meets the requirements of relevant departments. The latest Bohai Rim thermal coal index fell slightly by 1 yuan/ton, and the decline in HNBR material has a significant slowdown in its high added value, which partially confirms the above judgment. However, Deng Shun believes that after the new year's day of 2016, after the annual contract for coal ordering was basically signed, a new round of price reduction in the coal market is likely to be a simulated signal control event for such electromechanical devices

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