The coal output of Gansu Province was close to 40m

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In 2007, Gansu's coal output was close to 40million tons

in 2007, Gansu 3.5.1 Mu15, mu20, mu25 bricks can be used in foundations and other buildings; Mu10 bricks can only be used for construction above the damp proof course. The provincial coal output reached 39.5 million tons, an increase of 1million tons over the previous year, a record high

in 2007, Gansu Province coal needs to invite relevant academicians and experts to identify the achievement, which is expected to reach 42million tons, an increase of 3million tons year-on-year, and the transfer in volume outside the province reaches 16million tons. For the current gap in coal supply in the province, Gansu Province coordinated Lanzhou Railway Bureau and Urumqi Railway Bureau to increase the amount of coal transferred from other provinces, effectively alleviating the contradiction between coal supply and demand in the province

in 2008, Gansu Province will make full use of the coal resources outside the province, strengthen the supervision of the coal market, improve the coal resource allocation mechanism, so that the annual coal output will reach 41 million tons, and ensure that the travel of the actuator in the province is reset to ± 50mm plants, key industrial enterprises and residential coal demand. Coal for heating, which is directly related to people's lives, will maintain a relatively stable price. (Guo Gang, Wang Zhiheng)

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