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Weight reduction without quality reduction Sany heavy-duty light-duty intelligent support is sought after

weight reduction without quality reduction Sany heavy-duty light-duty intelligent support is sought after

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Guide: durability test more than 20000 times. Support weight reduction without quality reduction in recent years, what needs to be done for the daily and weekly maintenance of domestic hydraulic metal tensile testing machines? The support industry is developing rapidly, and the working resistance of the support is constantly improving, Promote the development of hydraulic support towards heavy-duty. However, the increasing weight has also brought many disadvantages to customers: high transportation costs, underground safety

durability test more than 20000 times, support weight reduction without quality reduction

in recent years, the domestic hydraulic support industry has developed rapidly, and the working resistance of the support has been continuously increased, which has promoted the development of hydraulic support towards the direction of heavy-duty. However, the increasing weight has also brought many disadvantages to customers: high transportation costs, underground installation, moving and other difficulties

after understanding this situation, Sany Heavy equipment has long begun to develop light intelligent supports. After several years of painstaking research and development, a new generation of light intelligent hydraulic support was successfully launched at the beginning of this year. On the premise that the quality is not affected at all, SG1000 high-strength steel plate is widely used in the welding of light support, which reduces the weight of the whole machine by more than 20% and the weight of structural parts by more than 30% compared with the conventional hydraulic support; At the same time, Sany also added an electric control system to realize the remote control operation of the support, and finally realize the underground intrinsic safety, which is the first in the industry

in order to further verify the feasibility of the weight reduction support, Sany adopted a light support prototype and carried out the durability test according to the coal "general technical conditions of MT hydraulic support" standard. The durability of the support reached 24500 times, far exceeding the standard requirements. At present, Sany has launched a series of weight reduction supports to further improve the support capacity of industrial energy conservation and green development in combination with underground conditions and different types of supports. The weight reduction range of the supports varies from 20% to 40%

"Nothing new will be easily accepted, especially the revolutionary product that changes the current situation of the industry, such as the light intelligent control bracket. For a long time, it has encountered doubts from customers about whether our weight has been reduced and whether our reliability and performance can be guaranteed. However, through our unremitting promotion, we continue to show our development process and test data to customers, and invite customers to visit and inspect the prototype on the spot, and finally hit Eliminates client concerns. " Liushuizhang, President of the stent Research Institute, said frankly

whole process quality control high quality bracket is sought after

sg1000 high strength steel plate is a high-quality steel plate made by SANY group, which is unique to Sany group; Compared with the performance test of ordinary high-strength steel plate, SG1000 can meet the welding of support structure. Its average yield strength reaches 1200 MPa, fracture strength reaches 1289 MPa, and yield strength ratio reaches more than 0.9, far exceeding the performance requirements of coal machinery industry for product materials

the superior performance of the material lays the foundation for the high quality of the support, and the quality control of the manufacturing process is also very critical. 70% of the weight of the hydraulic support is steel plate welded structural parts, and the welding quality is very important. The company has strictly controlled it from the aspects of research and development, process manufacturing, quality assurance and testing. According to Liu Changyong, the manufacturing director, special welding wires are used for steel plate welding, and the market capacity of plastic extruders that have been welded will be further expanded. The process parameters such as voltage and current will be strictly controlled, and the investment of welding robots has greatly improved the weld quality. At the same time, the quality assurance department will also carry out modern consumption of post welding structural parts to promote the future automotive concept flaw detection inspection, and conduct 100% inspection of welds in combination with ultrasonic, magnetic particle and other flaw detection methods. It can be said that every manufacturing process of the support has undergone strict quality inspection, ensuring the birth of every qualified product

"strict control of all links and scientific prototype test demonstration can ensure the reliability of the weight reduction support and meet the requirements of underground use. The introduction of light support will bring revolutionary changes to the whole support industry." Li Yong, general manager of the support company, is full of confidence in the market prospect of new products

a large number of SG1000 high-strength steel plates are used, which greatly improves the strength, safety factor and service life of the support while reducing the weight of the support plate; The reduction of weight also saves customers 10% to 15% of transportation costs; It is convenient for underground transportation, installation and relocation

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