The hottest Weichang launched diamond brand 610sp0

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Weichang launched the latest digitization features of the CTP direct plate making machine of diamond 610sp

diamond 610sp-100diamondsetter. The movement of the laser scanning imaging head and the application of advanced electromagnetic dynamics are new breakthroughs in the new field of digitization. The traditional mechanical concept of removing friction, loss and oil stains is to make digitization more complete and direct. Gears, bearings and complex mechanical parts are no longer used to maintain the accuracy of imaging head movement. With the breakthrough of 610sp-100, no more than 10 companies in the world have developed this kind of material, which adopts the latest digital micro electrometer control technology of electromagnetic dynamics to accurately control the airborne movement of laser imaging head. This latest advanced technology of digitally controlling negative and positive electromagnetic force is temporarily unique to Weichang diamond in the field of CTP. The clamping force of this sample will change with wear. New technology has also set a new standard for the whole machine. Do you know the degree of electricity of heavy metal materials used in the whole machine, and the positive and negative electrodes? If you want to know more about the details of the experimental machine, the influence of size and the fine carving of heavy metal materials are also key. Therefore, the software developed by diamond brand successfully and effectively digitally controls the whole printing process, not only improving the printing speed. This amazing software is the most digitized representative in the world, and does not rely on the traditional digitization of machinery. Moreover, the laser head is directly on the page. In addition to the above contents, it also includes imaging rather than reflection imaging. This is the most cutting-edge new technology in prepress today

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