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Weidmuller products help the development of the metallurgical industry

the rise of China's metallurgical industry began in the 1950s. In recent years, due to the development of China's metallurgical industry has made considerable progress and its international position has been growing, the safety problems of the metallurgical industry have also received more and more attention. As a typical heavy industry, the metallurgical industry has many characteristics, such as more conductive dust, strong electromagnetic interference, little recycling volume of recycling enterprises, high working temperature, corrosive gas, continuous production, high-speed and large-capacity data exchange, etc. once failures and accidents occur, they often cause large casualties or property losses. Therefore, the metallurgical industry has put forward strict requirements for the manufacturing, maintenance and personnel quality of production equipment

as a participant in the formulation of VDE (German national standard, but this kind of utilization is limited by the current technology and output, which cannot be quickly popularized) and ZVEI (Central Association for electronic and electrical technology), how to provide customers with electrical connection products with excellent performance and reliable quality is the goal weidemille has always pursued. For 60 years, Weidmuller has been developing and improving products to meet the special needs of the metallurgical industry. Its excellent functionality, convenience and safety have been widely recognized by customers

in the distribution system, Weidmuller's switching power supply has been widely used, providing a stable power supply for safety production. From Ecoline series to the new pro-m series power supply, Weidmuller continues to create new highlights in the research and development of power products. As a power supply that saves installation space in the application of automation technology, it is very compact and extremely firm - an important feature of Weidmuller's 10 pro-m series new power supplies. Pro-m provides reliable 24V DC power, which can be installed by side-by-side DIN rail without clearance, which can greatly save installation space. High efficiency, strong overload capacity and excellent power retention characteristics make pro-m a reliable power supply that can meet various strict application requirements- 25 ...+ The wide working temperature range of 70 ℃ enables the pro-m to operate at almost all ambient temperatures; The strong output power retention ability within the working temperature range makes it meet the application requirements of high standards; Wide AC and DC voltage input range ensures stable and reliable operation of pro-m power supply. At the same time, the full series of certified ul60950, ul508, csa2.22 No. 107 and GL further improve the advantageous characteristics of pro-m power supply suitable for various common applications. Pro-m series products have complete models, which can provide suitable power supply for various applications

in the production site, Weidmuller's heavy-duty connectors and junction boxes have extremely extensive successful application experience. Weidmuller's ultra-high protection level, plug and play fast connection, compact structure, heavy-duty connector products with many excellent characteristics of humanized design, such as high current and voltage, connector style selection, which can be turned off by the operator through the emergency button on the experimental machine, ensure the safe and reliable operation of the production line. Weidmuller's industrial junction boxes include stainless steel, cast aluminum, polyester and other series, with high protection grade, explosion-proof or non explosion-proof, with a variety of international certifications, and can provide customized assembly services for customers

at the same time, Weidmuller also provides perfect electronic product solutions for PLC, DCS and other control systems in the metallurgical industry. From isolators, surge protectors to RSM series relay modules, Weidmuller's comprehensive electronic products will provide the most stable support for the control system. In the field of isolator products, both the famous decipak series signal isolation transmitter and the award-winning TTA series isolator carry the highest water products of Weidmuller in the field of isolator, so that the automation system will easily complete the processing of various analog signals. In the surge protector products, whether it is the surge protector of the power supply system or the power of the control signal, and in the process of processing and manufacturing, Weidmuller from PU series products, MCZ series products to the new veritector series products will effectively protect the entire control system to protect the owner's property and system safety. In the control system, the use of relays is also very large. Weidmuller RSM series relay modules not only have good opening and closing functions and long switching life, but also can meet the high requirements for the volume and space of relays in the cabinet. At the same time, a large number of wiring with system i/o can be saved to avoid confusion of wiring in the cabinet and huge wiring workload

in PLC, DCS and other control systems, Weidmuller Industrial Ethernet products meet the requirements of customers in the era of open automation factory, and provide customers with high-quality products. Weidmuller Ethernet product optical fiber transmission technology effectively solves the problems caused by strong electromagnetic interference, high-speed and high-capacity data exchange in heavy industrial plants. It has rapidring, a fast loop redundancy technology, and supports double loop redundancy and photoelectric converter, effectively improving network reliability. The IE management switch and photoelectric converter of Weidmuller are equipped with unique Ethernet terminal blocks to make the operation of PLC, DCS and other control systems smooth and worry free. The laudable Weidmuller Ethernet connection terminal has RJ45 electric port and st/sc optical fiber interface, which greatly facilitates the transfer and arrangement of wires in the cabinet and makes it more neat and beautiful

Weidmuller has always attached importance to the technological development and practical application needs of the metallurgical industry. We are committed to playing our due role in the development of China's metallurgical industry through Weidmuller's leading product research and development, successful industry experience and high-quality services

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