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Weichai sprint record high interpretation of the "secret" of the "three chains"

Weichai sprint record high interpretation of the "secret" of the "three chains"

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over the past 20 years, Weichai has taken the lead in completing the reform of the state-owned enterprise system, structural transformation and upgrading, and product technology upgrading. After experiencing the industry downturn, Weichai took the lead in realizing the "V" reversal. In 2017, Weichai's performance maintained a high-speed and healthy growth trend, and will create a record high

behind the achievements of Weichai's sprint to a record high

are not only the factors of the general economic situation, but also the gold industry chain carefully built by Weichai, which has made great contributions

powertrain gold industry chain -- the mainstay

in 2005, Weichai strategically acquired Hunan torch, and in 2007, it achieved a+h dual listing, creating a "powertrain" gold industry chain, completing the transformation from a single engine to powertrain + complete vehicle, which laid a solid foundation for the subsequent take-off

According to the latest data of the golden industrial chain of powertrain

in 2017, Weichai heavy-duty engines, especially heavy-duty truck engines, continued a high growth trend. The supporting volume of strategic customers such as Shaanxi heavy duty truck, FAW, Futian, Dongfeng, beiben and so on was significantly increased, and the sales volume of its Shaanxi heavy duty truck soared, and the gap with the top three enterprises in the industry was getting smaller and smaller. Undoubtedly, this is the hard work of the powertrain gold industry chain

the golden industrial chain of hydraulic system - Emerging

in 2012, Linde hydraulic joined the Weichai family. So far, Weichai has taken control of the world's high-end hydraulic technology and created a golden industrial chain of hydraulic systems

the golden industrial chain of hydraulic system

if the microcomputer has strong functions, it can print directly. Nowadays, Linde hydraulic has become an important pole in China's high-end hydraulic market. Not only are the products widely equipped with agricultural machinery, bulldozers, rollers, pavers, cranes, marine engineering, military and other fields, but also the integrated transmission solution formed by Weichai Power + Linde hydraulic, that is, hydraulic power assembly, has become the choice for China's agricultural machinery and engineering machinery to upgrade to the high end

hydraulic products

in this month, the sales revenue of Linde hydraulic (China) exceeded 100 million yuan. Welcome to consult us. It has been put into operation for less than three years, and the results are gratifying. The future development is worth looking forward to

smart ceramic zigzag experimental machine has high requirements for accuracy. It can logistics gold industry chain - a sudden rise

from strategic restructuring Kaiao, to holding and listing, and then to the acquisition of Dematic, an intelligent logistics gold industry chain was born

intelligent logistics

Weichai has rich strategic resources, which can solve all links of intelligent logistics

in delivery management and warehousing operations: Kaiao is the second forklift manufacturer in the world; Dematech is one of the top three automated logistics providers in the world

in terms of trunk transportation: its heavy trucks rank fourth in the industry; Its heavy-duty engines and heavy-duty transmissions have achieved outstanding global sales

growing emerging forces

in terms of end of pipe distribution and financial services: they can effectively cooperate with Shandong heavy industry's light commercial vehicles, finance and other businesses

in the next 10 years, the intelligent logistics market will maintain a compound annual growth rate of 6%. Weichai trunk line transportation + Kaiao material handling + dematech intelligent warehousing have created the whole industrial chain and have become an emerging force for enterprise growth

these three gold industrial chains have built a diversified ecological structure of Weichai, with the whole vehicle as the leader, the powertrain as the core, and the intelligent logistics as the new business form

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