The hottest Weichai WP13 leads the boom of 500 Sha

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Weichai WP13 leads the boom of 500+ Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck.

Wei is difficult to meet the different needs of customers. Chai WP13 leads the boom of 500+ Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck.

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on August 8, Shaanxi Automobile Huning office and Wuxi jinfengyuan company held a product evaluation activity of Delong X3000 golden 500 HP tractor in Wuxi Shangyuan logistics parking lot

Wuxi Shangyuan logistics parking lot is one of the larger parking lots in Wuxi. Drivers from all over the country come here every day to distribute goods. At the event site, users were very interested in Delong X3000 golden version high-power products. Many users had a test drive experience and were full of praise for Delong X3000 golden version. In the process of product appreciation, the sales staff of Shaanxi Automobile Co., Ltd. explained the advantages of Delong X3000 golden version high-power products in combination with the characteristics of users in Wuxi, focusing on the advantages of fuel-efficient products. Users said: fuel saving is exactly what they are concerned about. Previously, they just felt that Shaanxi Auto products were solid and durable. They didn't expect that now the level of intelligence is so high. Many humanized designs have solved their worries. Customers are very satisfied with Delong X3000 gold version high-power products

during the activity, users raised many targeted questions about Shaanxi Automobile Delong X3000 golden version high-power products, and the sales manager gave detailed answers

Shandong: the "North action" entered Yanggu

on August, Shaan automobile Jinan Office jointly held a Delong new m30006 themed "North action" in Yanggu with Liaocheng Tianyu Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd × 2. Special promotion activities. More than 100 people from Yanggu transportation company bosses, heavy truck drivers and competing product users participated in the event

there are not only exquisite gifts prepared at the event site, but also the support of preferential policies; The comprehensive indoor product introduction and the immersive "720 ° customer full experience walkaround" give users a deeper understanding of the products and maximize the excellent quality of Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck products. New m30006 × With its low fuel consumption and top-level golden powertrain, 2 tractor has become an excellent representative of standard load and lightweight heavy truck transportation in Yanggu region since its listing, and has been favored by the majority of heavy truck users. Finally, the new m30006 × The luxurious appearance of the tractor, the strong power and fuel economy of the heart, the spacious and comfortable cab space, and the intelligence and safety of the whole vehicle have conquered the users

Anhui: "Delong tengwan · Yongchuang action" customer care intimate line Huaibei line

"Delong tengwan · Yongchuang action", customer care intimate line is in full swing in Huaibei. The customer care and caring trip was planned and deployed by Anhui Office, giving play to the collaborative advantage of "integrating sales and service", and focusing on X3000 Gold Edition and truck end-user groups. The sales team of Huaibei Yuanqing Trading Co., Ltd. rushed to the user's work place, home and service station with the uniformly distributed air filter element, urea and exquisite gifts, communicated with the user about the car use, and sent the manufacturer's care. Some customers work in other places, and the staff will contact the users in advance. When the users return to Huaibei, the staff will immediately bring gifts to the door

boss Liu of Sipu Town, Suixi County has just started Shaanxi Automobile X3000 national fifth tractor for more than a month. Boss Liu proudly said, "my X3000 has a beautiful appearance and strong power. It's easy to leave other cars behind on the road, which is very face-saving.". Seeing so many gifts brought by the staff of Shaanxi Automobile, he praised the good service of Shaanxi Automobile and was deeply moved. Later, a friend recommended the X3000 gold version when changing cars. During the activity, users raised many targeted questions about Shaanxi Automobile Delong X3000 golden version high-power products, and the sales manager gave detailed answers

Guangxi: X3000 natural gas heavy truck batch delivery

the romantic Tanabata Festival ushered in Shaanxi Auto X3000 natural gas heavy truck batch, which fully realized the excess delivery of foreign products to customers. On August 9, 10 golden Shaanxi Delong X3000 natural gas heavy trucks were dazzling in the sunlight. They lined up in a magnificent manner. More than 80 people attended the delivery ceremony, including the regional general manager of Shaanxi heavy truck Nanning Office, the director of Weichai Power Guangxi center, the regional product manager of fast Guangxi, the general manager of Guangxi Huaying Shaanxi Auto Sales Co., Ltd., Guangxi Beibu Gulf Weijie Logistics Group Co., Ltd. and some logistics companies in Qinzhou

it is understood that Guangxi Beibu Gulf Weijie Logistics Group Co., Ltd. is the largest road transportation logistics enterprise in Qinzhou, Guangxi. The 10 Shaanxi Automobile Delong X3000 natural gas heavy trucks delivered to the group this time are the first batch of procurement, marking that Shaanxi Automobile natural gas heavy trucks continue to lead Qinzhou port, and green environmental protection national five natural gas is a loyal partner of truck drivers

Shaanxi Automobile Co., Ltd. has the best gold industrial chain in China's automobile industry, and has mastered the core technology of today's multiple vehicle matching design and key assembly production of heavy trucks. It has manufactured products with the best quality for the majority of users and created the greatest value for users. Shaanxi Automobile Co., Ltd. took the lead in implementing enterprise strategic transformation in China, actively created value marketing, and has long been leading the industry in many subdivisions such as natural gas vehicles and port tractors. Today's batch delivery is a zero distance connection and exchange between the gold industry chain, end customers and sales channels, which will definitely make customers deeply feel the excellent performance and considerate care of Shaanxi Natural Gas heavy truck

the use of Shaanxi Automobile Delong X3000 natural gas heavy truck will bring a new impetus to the development of logistics and transportation industry in Qinzhou. Its advantages of economy, environmental protection and low operation cost will contribute new strength to the construction of beautiful Beibu Gulf

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