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Weifang power supply company has successfully operated the GPS timing equipment professionally produced by Jinan weishang

in recent years, Peskov said that in order to meet the needs of more customers, Jinan weishang has successfully developed a variety of GPS timing equipment products, among which Weifang power supply company has successfully operated the GPS timing equipment professionally produced by Jinan weishang. Welcome interested parties to inquire

gps timing equipment adopts a full modular structure design, its input, output, power supply, etc. can be flexibly configured, and has a wealth of various modules and boards to choose from (customized services can be provided for special needs), and the type and quantity of timing signals can be flexibly configured according to needs. The device has standard RS232, rs422/485, pulse, IR, ig-b, dcf77, PTP, ntp/sntp protocol time output and other interface forms, which can adapt to the timing needs of various devices, and is widely used in power, finance, communication, as well as transportation, radio and television, petrochemical, metallurgy, national defense, education, public service facilities and other fields during aging experiments

purpose of GPS timing equipment device

1 it is necessary to record the control device (system) of its action time: such as microcomputer protection device, background system of substation monitoring system, electric safety automatic device, etc

2 devices (Systems) whose working principle is based on time synchronization and adhere to a certain cooperation gap and oil film: such as lightning location system, synchronous phasor measurement device (PMU), line fault traveling wave distance measurement device, etc

3 systems that require recording their collected data at the same time: such as protection information management machine, electric frequency assessment system by second, etc

4 is used for relay protection test to test line pilot protection (high frequency phase difference protection device)

5 large local time synchronization

gps timing equipment features

1 adopt dual core processor, with high precision and fast synchronization

2 the self holding capacity is strong. After the device fails to receive the signal, the self holding capacity is better than 0.6 s/min

3 it supports single satellite timing mode, which is applicable to the situation of poor satellite receiving effect (it must be explained when ordering). There are roof and windowed antennas to choose from

4 adopt dual power supply redundancy power supply, and select high-performance, wide range switching power supply, which works stably and reliably, and the power supply of the device is adaptive. (it is configured according to the order technical agreement, and the default is single power supply.)

5 high quality industrial components, high-level electrical design and high-density integrated circuit structure make the device have the performance of electrical isolation and electromagnetic shielding. The whole machine has no adjustable devices, which improves the anti-interference performance and reliability guarantee of the device

6 the chassis has strong anti-interference ability after antimagnetic treatment

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