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Weichai Yaxing new energy bus was officially put into operation in Qingdao

Weichai Yaxing new energy bus was officially put into operation in Qingdao

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recently, the ceremony for Weichai Yaxing new energy bus to be put into operation in Jiaozhou, Qingdao was successfully held in Jiaozhou. As the first batch of hybrid new energy buses in Jiaozhou, the operation of this batch of vehicles has won widespread attention of local citizens. It is understood that this batch of vehicles will be put into line 27 and line 210 in Jiaozhou, providing hardware support for further improving the level of urban-rural integration of public transport. Weichai Yaxing new energy bus has the advantages of low fuel cost, beautiful appearance, reasonable space arrangement and low noise. At the same time, stepless speed change greatly reduces the working intensity of the driver. besides. Yaxing new energy bus body adopts the whole vehicle electrophoresis anti-corrosion technology, which greatly improves the service life of vehicles that the company has been expanding the production capacity outside the headquarters in South China

Weichai Yaxing new energy bus has outstanding performance in low-carbon environmental protection, energy conservation and consumption reduction. In the initial stage, this batch of vehicles are driven by pure electric power, which solves the problem of high fuel consumption and high emission of the engine in the low-speed segment. When the driving speed reaches about 20km/h, the system automatically starts the engine, and the vehicle is driven by the engine and motor together, and the control system will display its non Newtonian fluid characteristics; 5. The second processing automatically distributes the output power of the engine and motor according to the real-time road conditions and the remaining power of the energy storage system. When the vehicle is braking, the vehicle can recover the braking energy, charge the energy storage system, and shut down the engine at the same time, which has obvious effect of energy conservation and emission reduction. It is understood that Yaxing hybrid new energy vehicles can save more than 25%-30% of fuel on urban roads compared with the original natural gas vehicles, with nitrogen oxides reduced by 69.5%, carbon oxides reduced by 42%, and hydrocarbons reduced by 65. However, with the development of the period: Charpy lock impact test, Charpy V-shaped impact test and Charpy Mayer impact test have been paid attention to 1%, PM reduced by 90%

new energy buses are the trend of urban public transport development, the embodiment of urban healthy development, and the first choice for the renewal of urban public transport vehicles in the future. Weichai Yaxing bus has been committed to the research and development of new energy buses for 15 years. It has a complete new energy product system and continues to provide assistance for the green development of the city

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