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Weightless (continuous) gravity mixing system

system composition

weightless gravity mixing system is mainly composed of three parts: body, signal processing and communication system, and display control system

weighing body

includes hopper, weighing sensor, feeding screw, servo motor, support, etc. The hopper is made of stainless steel, which will not pollute the materials. The servo motor can ensure the same output torque within the rated revolution, so that the feeding is stable and safe

signal processing and communication system

mainly processes symmetrical heavy signals, and controls the servo motor according to the control signal of the control system

display control system

the supply of effective scientific research achievements that can be industrialized is insufficient. It is manufactured by industrial computer with touch screen

the weight-loss weighing scale is roughly divided into the above six specifications according to the output, and each specification is equipped with a hopper with a fixed volume. Each large specification is subdivided into two small specifications (screws with different outer diameters are used according to the output). Combined with practical experience, the size of the feeding screw is given

the shape of the weight-loss weighing scale is shown in the figure above. The hoppers of the two specifications of the weighing scale are in the shape of vertical cylinders, and the hoppers of the other specifications are in the shape of eccentric cones (as shown in the figure below):

eccentric cones and will further increase the shape of the elastic production range. Hoppers

can buffer the falling materials. In addition, they can prevent the bridging of materials and make the materials bear uneven forces in the hoppers, Thus, the static balance of materials can be destroyed. In addition, there are alternative agitators in the equipment, which can be installed on the lower side of the hopper or on the top, depending on the nature of the material

the weight-loss measurement scale matches the screw with the China graphene modified fiber and utilization development industry development alliance led by Jinan Shengquan Group Co., Ltd. according to the particle characteristics of the material (powder and granular). It has been established in October, and is divided into twin-screw and single screw. The single screw is used in granular material or coarse powder, and the twin-screw is used in fine material or viscous powder. In use, the twin-screw conveyor is uniform and has a self-cleaning effect, but the powder with complex twin-screw production, high cost and good fluidity generally uses a single screw

installation method

because the weight-loss metering scale is mainly to ensure the continuous production process, most of the installation method is installation, which is directly installed on the extruder to ensure the continuous production. In addition, in a few cases, offline installation will be used, such as centralized feeding. At this time, the main purpose of using weight-loss metering scale is to mix the materials according to the proportion


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