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Touch screen operation shortens product design cycle editor's note: the competition in Italian yacht manufacturing industry is very fierce, and onyx marine automation technology company is one of the enterprises fighting in this fierce competition field. In the first year of the establishment of Onyx company, it provided 25 sets of yacht control systems for the famous shipbuilding factory. Mr. Federico sturlese, the technical director of the company, said that the exter operation console developed and produced by Beijer electronics is the foundation of their success and rapid development

the thing is, Onyx marine automation company is looking for an operation console suitable for ocean ships. The product should be able to be used at sea and meet the technical requirements of all subsystems of the ship. The yachts produced in Italy account for 40% of the world market, and the annual growth rate is about 10%; Therefore, for the supplier enterprises in the field of automation technology, the sports rowing and yacht manufacturing industry in Italy has great attraction. Finally, Onyx decided to adopt the ship operation console, which is the exter series console developed and produced by Beijer electronic technology company in Lauer, Europe (Figure 1). After deciding to adopt exter ship console, Onyx saved a lot of automation system design time. Using exter console with touch screen technology, yachts can be satellite positioned (Figure 2). Users can also benefit from this unique design method: fast operation and better reading of all meteorological conditions

onyx ship automation technology company adopts exter series operation console, which can provide yacht users with appropriate products

control and monitoring system

Onyx company is an Italian enterprise providing ship automation technology services, electronic components and turnkey systems. Its business direction is mainly concentrated in the field of motor boats and luxury yachts, manufacturing the control system and monitoring system of the ship technology subsystem. The control system of this Italian automation company has been applied in some famous shipyards, such as azimut Benetti shipbuilding group, dominator, Ferretti group, ISA Yatches, Pershing, Riva, etc

although Onyx's business focus is yacht automation system, the control and monitoring system has important and decisive significance for yacht users. Mr. Federico sturlese emphasized the importance of this system, To work hard and its importance in the overall quality of the yacht: through computer-controlled data processing, "the yacht owner and his friends will not fully understand the technical significance of our work. But they know how to evaluate the quality of an automation solution, such as excellent visual image quality, simple operation control methods and trouble free reliability." Mr. Federico sturlese and his colleagues were very careful in choosing the console. He said, "we have tried almost all the ship operation consoles in the market and compared them with our strict selection criteria. Aesthetic design, reliability, display visibility, available functions, the probability of single vehicle damage reduction system and the use of project tools are all important factors in the selection, and exter console just provides a satisfactory solution."

the exter console using touch screen technology can carry out satellite positioning on yachts

users pay attention to design and quality

because the exter console can be well integrated into various high-tech environments, the design of this innovative control instrument itself has also been highly praised by interior experts. The structure of the display is compact, and it can be easily installed in any position of the cab (Fig. 3). Its typical applications are radio room, aft deck cabin and conference room. Each console is connected through an Ethernet hub, and then connected to the CPU microprocessor independently developed by Onyx company. The working state of the input and output of Onyx system is monitored and controlled by the monitor connected to the CAN bus system. When judging the status data, Onyx company uses the tool software information designer, which can test the data very accurately. The completed items in the setting tool software, such as detectors, bar charts and switches, can be set as intuitive operation interfaces by Onyx employees (Figure 4). This measure is of great significance in application research and development. Mr. Federico sturlese introduced its important functions:

the possibility of computer simulation can greatly shorten the research and development time

typical installation configuration

can quickly display the applications in the computer on the operation console. Using this method, we can save a lot of program debugging and testing time

it is allowed to use USB flash disk to transfer designed applications, which saves time and effort in technical services

the completed items in the setting tool software, such as detectors, bar charts and switches, can be set as intuitive operation interfaces by the employees of Onyx company.

Mr. Federico sturlese concluded: "the information design tool software is powerful and easy to operate. With this tool, our design and development time is greatly shortened." Now, if the growth rate of Onyx keeps the current level, their business development will be better. Users responded well to Onyx's products, and Mr. Federico sturlese was also satisfied with the increasing friendly cooperation with Beijer's reliable agent EFA in Italy. Mr. Federico sturlese said, "the enterprise is developing continuously. We hope our own needs can match the products. Beijer has given us great help." He believes that continuous improvement and improvement of products is also the benefit of competition, and the company has planned to work hard to develop and design the next generation of products suitable for marine yacht applications

federico said, "as the primary condition for realizing additional benefits, we should have a complete set of control system. Our users are often looking for intelligent solutions to gradually cool and finalize the products, so as to meet all control and monitoring requirements. The system we provide has management capabilities for all subsystems of the ship, such as electronic switch boards, power drives, air conditioning and refueling device navigation lights."

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