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Introduction to the tower crane market in London, UK: with the obvious growth of economic prosperity, the boom tower crane and flat head tower crane in the British tower crane market have developed rapidly, and most of them are concentrated in the urban and suburban areas of London. Great changes have taken place in the UK tower crane market in the past five years. After the merger in 2002, the sales of new tower cranes

with the obvious growth of economic prosperity, the boom tower crane and flat head tower crane in the British tower crane market have developed rapidly, and most of them are concentrated in urban and suburban London

great changes have taken place in the UK tower crane market in the past five years. After the merger in 2002, the sales of the new tower crane was on the rise and soon reached another peak. New manufacturers swarmed into this market, including arcomet, London Tower Crane hire sales, Henry crane, etc. Their emergence makes the three famous companies - Falcon crane company, select equipment company and Harrington tower crane company (HTC) face a severe test

in 2000, if people saw the white comedil on the construction site, it must be the tower crane of the expanding select company, and the red Wolff must be the crane of the hewden tower crane company (now HTC), Wolff's distributor in the UK. It's different now. The red Wolff may be from Henry company. They are bought from HTC company. In addition, the tower crane produced by Terex comedil will appear in the fleet of select equipment company, as well as in the fleet of arcomet company and London tower crane company

visitors in London will surely notice peiner Sn 86 boom tower crane on various construction sites. This kind of tower crane is very popular in the British market. W.D. Bennett equipment and service company and Falcon crane leasing company have several sets respectively

the most obvious difference between the UK tower crane leasing market and other markets (such as Germany) is the relationship between manufacturers and buyers. Except for HTC, which only buys Wolff tower cranes, the trend in the UK is non exclusive sales. Jost's JTL 108.6 represents this trend. This is a newly launched 100tm crane, which sells very well. MTI lux, the regional distributor of JOST tower crane, has sold this model of tower crane to arcomet, Baldwins (it has just returned to the tower crane market, and the friction coefficient must be specified repeatedly), Bennett 誷, Falcon and London tower crane. London tower crane company mainly owns comedil's flat head tower crane, and recently added Saez's tower crane, so it has become the distributor of this Spanish company

tourists to London stood on the upper floor of St. Paul's Cathedral and looked up. The first thing they saw was a large number of boom tower cranes. This landscape illustrates two trends. Compared with other European cities, London clearly defines the occupancy of space, and the space occupied by boom tower cranes is small, so boom tower cranes can be popular in London

landscape of tower cranes in London

falcon crane leasing company has 264 tower cranes, of which 90 are boom tower cranes, mainly Jaso products, most of which operate in London. Among the 337 tower cranes of select company, there are 80 boom tower cranes, mainly comedils products, including 25 400tm CTLs and 1 700TM CTL. Therefore, select claims to be the company with the largest boom tower crane fleet in the world. The ratio of boom tower crane of Bennett 誷 company to flat head tower crane is 40/60. Most tower cranes of HTC company in London are boom type. General builders crack down on unlicensed production of cement. Sir Robert McAlpine company is all Mr series boom tower cranes of Botan, mainly mr220 and new mr225a

in the past, the construction of spectacular high-rise steel structure office buildings was dominated by boom tower cranes of more than 500tm. Now, more medium-sized residential buildings, buildings rebuilt on narrow construction sites and High-Rise Steel-Concrete structures have also begun to use boom tower cranes, mainly in the range of 100 ~ 300tm, many of which are JTL 108.6 of new Jost, CTL and CTL of Terex comedil, etc

among 100tm grade products, Jost's unique flat head boom tower crane jtl108.6 was unparalleled at the time of publishing. But this may change soon, because Raimondi will launch lr90 and Liebherr will launch 125 hc-l, which can be installed on the 120 HC tower system at the Bauma exhibition in 2007. People naturally think that Potan will launch similar products in this segment sooner or later

since it was put into the market in November 2005, Jost has sold 40 JTL 108.6 boom tower cranes, the company's leading product, in the UK. Next, the tower crane with oil cylinder instead of winch luffing is a larger JTL 158.6. Although the prototype of JTL 158.6 was only tested in arneburg, Germany, in October 2006, users in the UK have ordered 10 sets of the product by August

the emergence of new faces in the market is mainly due to the increasing demand for tower cranes all over the world, which makes some famous manufacturers continue to delay delivery time, and new manufacturers take advantage of it. Of course, for Jost's JTL series, its multi-function and energy-saving technical advantages are also the most important and attractive selling points in its sales

jost's jtl158.6 adopts an electro-hydraulic luffing mechanism, with a lifting capacity of 3T at 45m amplitude, and its luffing mechanism power is only 15kw. The luffing power of Liebherr's 112hc-l is 45KW when lifting 2.2t at a 45m amplitude. The luffing power of JOST JTL 108.6 with smaller lifting capacity is 11kw, while that of peiner sn86 is 24kw. The latter was the best-selling boom tower crane of this level before it was discontinued, with a total of about 40 units sold. Many construction sites in Inner London are short of electricity, and Jost's low consumption has a sales advantage. But on the other hand, Jost's Electro-hydraulic boom luffing speed is slower than the traditional wire rope winch luffing

in most cases, jtl108.6 stands at 1.38 × On the base of JOST city tower crane with 1.38M section, the free vertical height is 30.2m. The swing counterweight can balance the tower crane well under any working condition, reduce the total weight of the tower crane and reduce the pressure on the ground. Its balance arm and jib are generally assembled on the ground and installed as a component. When assembling at the site with narrow site, the balance arm is folded at an angle of 85 ° when it is not working

jost's JTL 108.6 will compete with peiner's Sn 86, Liebherr's Hb and tornborgs magni's s s-46 and S-40. Tom Newell, a British distributor of vertical conveying company, described these tower cranes as folding knives, with a fast luffing speed of 42m/min, 1.2 × The tower body with 1.2m section can be installed in the backyard of the building or in the elevator shaft. Due to the rising demand for large tonnage tower cranes at inner city construction sites, some vertical conveying companies that have been successful in large tornborgs cranes are seeking to purchase large boom tower cranes and have taken a fancy to some kr-l cranes

jaso has found customers in the boom tower crane market in London for its j80pa, which is specially developed for the UK market. The section of this tower crane is 1.18 × 1.18m, the weight of the upper part is relatively light, so the 40m jib, 31.5m free erection tower body and 4.5 × The 4.5m walking underframe is transported by two trucks. Its maximum lifting capacity at 40m is 1.3t, which is very suitable for housing construction projects in inner cities

in the 100tm level, BKT's mature product bn105 (later mass produced with Botan mr105 model) is still very marketable. Bennett has four tower cranes of this type, which have the advantages of rotating counterweight and maximum installation weight of 5.1T

new tower cranes enter the market

along with Jost JTL 108.6, two new boom tower cranes CTL and CTL from Terex comedil have penetrated the tower crane market in London through several leasing companies. Like the famous ctl250, both Tower Cranes use fixed counterweights. However, different from the old ctl250, they adopt the design of triangular section jib of modern boom tower crane to reduce weight and windward area. In addition, both tower cranes adopt frequency conversion devices

The maximum lifting capacity at the end of the

55m boom is 2T, and ctl180 directly competes with Wolff boom tower crane 180B, which is the most popular one in the UK market and has been cancelled in this experiment. The maximum lifting weight of ctl180 is 16t, and the lifting weight at 55m is 2T, which is exactly the same as the performance of Liebherr's 160hc-l. although the latter is Liebherr's best-selling boom tower crane in the UK, it is far worse than Wolff's 180B

the lifting capacity of the smaller CTL of Terex comedil at 50m is 1.8T, which is just between Wolff 100b and Wolff 160b. Its competitor is Jaso j138pa, a tower crane widely used by Falcon company. Arcomet, an international tower crane leasing and sales company, owns Terex comedil ctl140 and ctl180 boom tower cranes, which stand out in the sky of London in red and ivory. In 2006, after arcomet became Botan's distributor in the UK, Botan's new MR 225A and mr295 with larger tonnage, which were introduced according to market demand, now appear above London

a quick glance at the London construction site does not show that Liebherr is the world's largest tower crane manufacturer. The demand for boom tower crane may be the reason why only 160hc-l has entered the London market. The level of 160hc-l is in the range of 150 ~ 200tm, which is the most competitive. Edward eager of Bennett took Jost's jl216.16 boom tower crane as an example. The mobile counterweight of jl216.16 makes its basic weight low and its lifting weight quite high. When the amplitude is 55m, its lifting capacity is 3T, while 160hc-l is only 2T. When the maximum arm length is 60m, its lifting capacity is still 2T. Liebherr's largest single weight component is the machine platform, which weighs 11T, while the largest weight component installed on Jost is only 7.16t

aiming at the UK market, peiner launched the 240tm Sn 166 in 1998. After acquiring delta tower crane company, select mainly used it to lift components of apartment rooms. At this height, the machine platform and slewing ring components with a maximum weight of 16t are acceptable

on the crowded construction site in London, the cost of closing the road when installing tower cranes with wheeled cranes is quite high. Therefore, the light installation weight of parts is very valuable. Recently, Sir Robert McAlpine made a demonstration with several boom tower cranes of Botan on the large construction site of the new square

in order to speed up the construction process, when the core column in the center of the building is about to be capped, a boom tower crane needs to be installed on the top of the core column. Using the luffing jib of a large truck crane to install the tower crane on the core column is unrealistic, because the traffic around the building is very busy. McAlpine's method is to use an installed Botan mr220, use its 40m boom and 5.25t lifting weight at the boom end, and install the brand-new Botan mr225a to the top of the core column with the minimum single piece weight. The heaviest part is the 7T machine platform. After removing the luffing and hoisting winch, lift it at a range of 30m and connect it to the 7.24t turntable. Then hoist the two hoists and quickly connect them to the machine platform with pins

in the highly competitive market, the competition for new tower cranes is concentrated in London, while in other big cities in Britain, there is no competition for rent

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