The hottest tower crane must be equipped with safe

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The tower crane must be equipped with safety limit device

the tower crane must be equipped with lifting limiter, moment limiter, height limiter, travel limit sensor, dynamometer, amplitude limiter, etc

(1) lifting limiter: also known as overload limiter, it is a safety device that can prevent the crane from overload operation. When the lifting weight exceeds the rated lifting weight, it can automatically cut off the power supply of the lifting mechanism, stop or give an alarm. There are two kinds of lifting limiters, mechanical and electronic

(2) torque limiter: for luffing cranes, only a certain amount of lifting weight is allowed to be lifted within a certain range. If it is overweight, there is a risk of tipping when lifting. Torque limiter is a kind of protection device developed according to this feature. To a certain extent, if the load exceeds the "bull's nose" of the project investment, the circuit will be cut off, making the lifting impossible, ensuring the stability of the crane. Torque limiters are mechanical and electronic. This project not only makes up for the blank and composite of aluminum alloy in chassis utilization

(3) height limiter: also known as hook height limiter. It is generally installed on the head of the boom. When the hook slides to the limit position, it lifts the lever. Press the lower limit switch, cut off the circuit and stop, and when reclosing, the hook can only fall

(4) travel limiter: a safety device to prevent the crane from crashing or driving within a certain range. It is generally installed on the inner side of the active trolley, mainly to install a travel switch that can toggle the handle. In addition, a fixed limit position baffle is installed at the end of the track (at the position where the operation limits the modified plastic products produced by independent research and production). When the tower crane runs to this position, the limit baffle touches the handle of the travel switch to cut off the power supply for controlling travel, and the tower crane can only run in the opposite direction when it is switched on again

(5) amplitude limiter: also known as luffing limit or amplitude indicator. Generally, an amplitude indicator is hung on the boom of the boom crane. It consists of a fixed circular indicator plate, and a vertical movable pointer is installed in the center of the plate. When luffing, the pointer indicates the rated lifting capacity under various amplitudes. When the boom runs to the upper and lower limit positions, press the lower limit switch respectively, cut off the main control circuit, and the luffing motor stops to achieve the limit function

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