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Tour and Exhibition: RESA heavy machinery creates a comfortable customer experience

tour and Exhibition: RESA heavy machinery creates a comfortable customer experience

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Guide: from the surging L8 series new products nationwide tour to the participation in BICES and shine. In 2013, RESA heavy machinery's sudden rise in the field of concrete machinery attracted the attention of the industry. The outbreak of Reza heavy machinery is not accidental. Its root lies in grasping the marketing essence of the new era of market development, experiential marketing

from the surging national tour of L8 series new products to the participation of BICES, in 2013, the sudden rise of Reza heavy machinery in the field of concrete machinery attracted the attention of the industry. The outbreak of Reza heavy machinery is not accidental. Its root lies in grasping the marketing essence of the new era of market development - experiential marketing, and putting it into practice

experiential marketing needs to make full use of customers' feelings and emotions, that is, let the target customers experience the products or services provided by the enterprise by observing, listening, trying, trying and so on, so that customers can actually perceive the quality or performance of products or service safety belts as an indispensable part of the car, so as to promote customers to recognize, like and buy

throughout the two major marketing efforts of Reza heavy machinery in 2013, whether it is the national exhibition tour or the debut of BICES, Reza heavy machinery subtly imprints the strength and sense of the enterprise, brand image and excellent performance of products into the hearts of customers by bringing a considerable number of potential users together in a comfortable and warm atmosphere, so as to narrow the distance with customers, Finally, he was attracted to join the Reza family

take a look at Reza heavy machinery. Whether it is the L8 tour exhibition that has caused Reza storm in six major cities, or the Beijing exhibition, which is amazing and amazing, Reza heavy machinery has brought strong sensory stimulation to the customers present

the world's first LNG pump truck, the world's longest 88m steel boom pump truck, the world's longest three axle chassis all steel boom pump truck, and the world's longest four axle chassis all steel boom pump truck, these latest cost-effective products, fully display the new style of Reza. While bringing visual shock, they also let customers feel that in the era of meager profits in the industry, Foton Reza has the ability to create high-benefit value space for every customer

in addition to the most direct sensory stimulation, Reza heavy machinery also uses various means to pry the emotional needs of users, starting from everyone's inner softness, and strive to arouse everyone's psychological resonance

for example, Reza donated 1million yuan to join the public welfare project of "Siyuan education immigration plan", and issued a love proposal, advocating that everyone "think of the source after drinking water, repay the society", stimulating the good side in each customer's heart, and connecting with customers with love; Second, Reza heavy machinery will provide customers with 3-round (all-round, whole process, all-weather) service guarantees, and make every effort to provide customers with faster, more timely, more reliable, more economical, more value-added, and more caring one-stop services, so as to completely remove customers' worries, "create emotion, and build trust"; In addition, throughout the regular lottery link in the process of the activity, the mood of on-site customers was continuously mobilized with continuous surprises. The wonderful tea break programs let everyone relax and entertain at all times: gifts from Russian beauties on site, balloons from clowns, self-help coffee and snacks, group photos of real-life sculptures and car models, etc., all of which let on-site customers experience Reza's sincerity, carefulness and thoughtfulness, and make customers feel happy all the time

on this basis, Reza heavy machinery invites customers to participate in test drive, competition or man-machine interactive games in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, so as to personally experience the excellent performance and reliable quality of Reza heavy machinery products. At this time, in the face of these "high IQ mechanical giants" with international cutting-edge technology and ultra-high cost performance, even the most picky customers must not be hard to be moved

the results are enough to explain everything. Statistics show that in March and April, with experience marketing as the focus, Reza heavy machinery achieved the excellent results of 1132 fixed machines (including 69 pump trucks, 1026 mixer trucks, and 17 mixing plants) through the tour activities in Guangzhou, Qingdao, Nanjing, Xi'an, Shenyang, Chengdu and other six stations. The L8 new product tour created "three firsts and three firsts", the activity scale industry first, and the exhibition equipment specification industry first The category of new product release in one exhibition ranks first in the industry, the introduction of the new ar new technology promotion mode for the first time in the industry, the combination of charity projects and new product release for the first time in the industry, and the performance of on-site equipment in the first exhibition in the industry. Through a series of marketing activities, Reza heavy machinery fully demonstrated its fearlessness in the field of concrete machinery, making the industry feel its indomitable momentum

the three pillars of the concrete machinery industry have emerged. Today, Reza heavy machinery adheres to the leading German technology, with a professional operation and maintenance team, supplemented by vigorous and effective marketing means, strong intervention, new breakthroughs and changes, and the future is worth looking forward to

attachment: review of major events of Reza heavy machinery in 2013:

in March, he joined the China Siyuan project poverty alleviation foundation and invested 1million yuan to establish Reza Siyuan immigrant education classes in Hubei, Anhui and Shaanxi to help children in remote mountainous areas realize their dream of continuing to study

in April, during the Ya'an earthquake in Sichuan, Pregis company of the United States developed two new high-performance films for inflatable buffer utilization. During this period, rescue teams were dispatched at the first time to bring a large number of relief materials into the disaster area

in September, the nationwide exhibition tour of L8 new products with unprecedented scale in the industry was carried out through six major cities including Guangzhou, Qingdao, Nanjing, Xi'an, Shenyang and Chengdu, setting off a strong "Reza storm" with the brand concept of "new technology, new pattern and new breakthrough"

in October, BICES 2013 officially made a high-profile debut under the new brand name of "Reza heavy machinery", with an exhibition area of 3500 square meters, and a total of 23 high-end brand-new products made a shocking appearance. The combination of Chinese and Western design and garden style pattern were in the spotlight for a time

in November, during the BICES exhibition in Beijing, the new fist L9 series 88 meter pump truck of Reza heavy machinery was unveiled with excellent radiation resistance. This world's longest steel boom pump truck integrates international cutting-edge technology and subverts the mainstream design concept of pump trucks in the industry

some honors in 2013:

RESA heavy machinery 4 accelerated the utilization of graphene, and the research and development of 7m LNG concrete pump truck won the "Top50" award of China Construction Machinery in 2013

introduction of the award: the selection activity of "Top50 annual product of China Construction Machinery" started in 2006 and has been successfully held for six times. Initiated and hosted by the magazine construction machinery and maintenance, and co sponsored by many mainstream media in the industry. Its purpose is to sort out and summarize the achievements of the construction machinery industry in technology and products in the past year, record the footprints of industrial technological progress, and guide the direction of construction machinery products and technological progress. The target of the selection is the products in China's construction machinery market (including the products of foreign-funded and domestic enterprises), and the core standard of the selection is the technological innovation, market performance and application contribution of the products. The 47m LNG concrete pump truck of Reza heavy machinery won the "Top50" award of China Construction Machinery in 2013

"BICES engineering machinery modeling and appearance quality evaluation", Reza L8 series 62m concrete pump truck won the first prize

award introduction: representatives from China Construction Machinery Industry Association, colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, testing centers, agent branches and other units form the "BICES engineering machinery modeling and appearance quality evaluation" evaluation committee of this exhibition. The evaluation committee is chaired by hanxuesong, the chief consultant of China Construction Machinery Industry Association. According to the evaluation procedures and the indicators of the evaluation project, the on-site inspection and evaluation are carried out. A total of 312 products and 96 enterprises participated in this review, with a total of three awards. Through the evaluation, Foton Reza L8 series 62m concrete pump truck won the first prize

the 61m pump truck of Reza heavy machinery and 12F LNG mixer were rated as "top ten concrete machinery products"

won the "2013 enterprise public welfare award"

award introduction: with the theme of "quality determines the future", it will effectively promote the improvement of the R & D and manufacturing level of China's construction machinery and accessories products, so that enterprises can rely on product advantages to win in the fierce competition; This activity can also introduce truly excellent products in the industry to users and create greater value for customers and society. The 61 meter pump truck of Reza heavy machinery and 12F LNG mixer won the "top ten concrete machinery products"

at the same time, it won the crown of "2013 enterprise public welfare award"

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