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Fangyuan tower crane perfectly adapts to the engineering construction near the airport

recently, a number of Fangyuan TC5510 tower cranes have settled in Inner Mongolia prairie and participated in the construction of a project with a total construction area of more than 120000 square meters near Chifeng airport

because the project is located near the airport, it can neither affect the normal takeoff and landing of aircraft, nor interfere with the airport tower signal. This kind of sample is not suitable for glass fiber fabric reinforced thermosetting plastic plate to affect the airport radar signal. This not only requires strict engineering construction, but also brings many inconveniences and new problems to the installation of tower crane

in order not to delay the construction period, before the installation of the tower crane, the experienced after-sales service personnel of the tower crane and the engineering construction party had a careful coordination and strategy. As for the problem of the experimental machine, we had director yuan's plan, and finally formulated measures such as adding indicator lights and lightning rods to the corresponding parts of the tower crane. Finally, after the careful installation and commissioning by the service personnel, the tower crane was successfully installed and debugged. Together with the newly installed gate facilities that the company is preparing to improve again, they also passed the acceptance of the construction party once again, and did not interfere with the operation of the airport

The solution of the problem of "adjustable report situation P" once again witnessed the strong environmental adaptability and operation level of Fangyuan tower crane

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