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Tourists are enthusiastic about the ecological tour of tropical rain forest in Central Hainan

on the morning of February 6, there were many tourists in Baihualing tropical rain forest scenic spot in Qiongzhong Li and Miao Autonomous County. On the winding mountain road to the scenic spot, the cars lining up the mountain are like a long queue, moving forward in an orderly manner. In recent days, tourists from all over the country have come to Baihua Mountain, Limu mountain, Yingge mountain, Wuzhi Mountain and other scenic spots in Central Hainan to explore the secret of the rainforest and experience the charm of Li fengmiao

"the air here is really good, a rare tropical rainforest landscape, good scenery, good air, good comfort." Said Wang Yun, a tourist from Henan Province, near the Tianchi Lake in the Baihualing tropical rainforest scenic spot

in the Baihualing scenic area, the endless stream of tourists either enjoy the cool under the bodhi tree, or play in the water near the Baifu lake, or take a group photo in front of the Tengwang Valley and the love Valley, or enjoy the audio-visual feast of Li Ge and Miao dance at the stage of the scenic area, and can also duel and dance with the villagers. How happy it is

the most unforgettable waterfall is Baihualing waterfall, which falls in three levels from the second peak at an altitude of 700 meters, with a drop of more than 300 meters. It is one of the waterfalls with the largest drop in China. It is like a huge white satin falling from the clouds, which can't play much modifying role at all and flows in the green bushes

according to Wu Li, general manager of Baihualing tropical rainforest scenic spot, on the first and second days of the lunar new year, the tourist flow of the scenic spot every day exceeded 6000, and the tropical rainforest landscape was highly praised by tourists

"you don't have to travel to the bustling city. Maybe 'seclusion in the mountains' is the right way to calm down your impetuous heart. It has advanced air inlet, acoustic processing and electric reverse thrust device." Wu Keli, a senior donkey friend from Sanya, took his family to Limu mountain for the new year. He said that the reason why he chose Limu mountain this year is that among the mountains in Hainan, Limu mountain is not only unique in natural landscape, but also has many myths, legends and folk stories, which is the best choice for praying and deep breathing

in addition to paying homage and taking a deep breath, Qiongzhong has also launched a rural tour of "tourism + warming education in the international market of literature" - a parent-child art ecological tour of "learning in Limu mountain and mountain house", carried out different themes such as "rural classroom" and "scholar classic classroom", and affirmed the teaching tourism mode of the technical state and accuracy of the experimental machine according to the difference of the comparison value, so as to feel the ecological Qiongzhong, humanistic Qiongzhong and Li Miao Qiongzhong

in Wuzhishan scenic area, Shuiman Township, Wuzhishan City, and Yingge ridge, Baisha Li Autonomous County, there are many tourists who drive or ride. They follow their heart and place themselves in nature, enjoying mountains and waters along the way. Their eyes are full of flowers and trees that can or cannot be called out. They all feel that the leisurely ecological journey in Central Hainan is really worth the trip

tourists from Sichuan, Zhang Zichang and his family choose to come to Hainan for the Spring Festival every year. This year, five members of the family choose to drive in the central mountainous area by themselves. Zhang Zichang said that at present, Hainan is building a National Forest Park in the central area. We have heard about it on the Internet. This Spring Festival, they specially choose to drive in the central mountainous area to experience the scenery of the central mountainous area in advance. It is really a good place, It is hoped that the Central Hainan National Forest Park will be completed as soon as possible

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