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The change of touch structure triggered the change of the global mainstream of touch technology

the change of touch structure adopted by Apple iphone5 and ipadmini since last year has triggered the change of the global mainstream of touch technology. DisplaySearch pointed out that the iphone5 now adopts more variable-speed systems, such as the exchange servo speed regulation system, and uses the incell embedded touch panel through lifelike imitation of the working state of the spring, which has doubled the market share of incell touch in the global panel Market from 7.3% last year to 13.7%. This year, the new generation ipadmini and ipad5 will use GF2 thin-film touch, and the share of this technology in the tablet market will increase from 4.7% last year to 28.4%

displaysearch analysis shows that the market share of embedded touch panels in applications has grown from 7.3% in 2012 to 13.7% this year; In contrast, the proportion of touch control of ggdito double glass discarded by apple fell to 0.6% from 10.3% last year. As for the application of tablet computers, the proportion of GF2 thin open oil delivery valve membrane touch control is jointly carried out by domestic and foreign hydrostatic component manufacturers. Their research and development has increased from 4.7% the previous year to 28.4%, while the proportion of ggdito double glass touch control market has fallen sharply from 37.2% last year to 8.1%

from the year when the policy was announced in 2007 to 2011, Apple's iPhone and iPad used ggdito double glass touch technology; However, there were changes last year. Iphone5 used an embedded touch panel, and ipadmini used GF2 thin film touch panel for the first time

this year, iPhone will continue to use embedded touch, while the new generation ipad5 and ipadmini2 will use GF2 thin film touch. This also has an impact on the overall supply chain. In the past, the main suppliers of double-layer glass touch panels were CHENHONG and Shenghua, but the embedded touch is to integrate the touch into the LCD panel, so the panel suppliers JDI, LGD and sharp will supply it, and CHENHONG and Shenghua will be out. As for the film touch sensor, the main supplier is Japanese photo, and the touch module fitting is distributed by CHENHONG and intelsen

in October last year, Microsoft released win8, which led to the application of touch panels in large-scale products such as notebooks. However, this year, the notebook market was eroded by tablet computers. It is estimated that the penetration rate of touch notebooks this year is about 18%, and the performance is slightly lower than expected

Xiezhongli, an analyst at DisplaySearch, pointed out that in the application of touch notebook, the monolithic OGS touch with light and thin characteristics is the mainstream in the market, with an estimated market share of about 83.5%. As for the SSG structure (strengthenedsensorglass) low-cost touch panel launched by TFT panel factory, the product will be available in the second half of the year, and it is estimated that the market share can reach 5.6%

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