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The downstream production and sales rate is low, and polyester chips are mainly adjusted weakly.

the basic level of crude oil is maintained at a high level. Plastic is applied at a distance of 10mm from the tail of the hammer handle. Various physical and mechanical properties of materials such as loading film and rubber, wire and cable, steel, glass fiber, etc. are tested to shock the development of materials, which is currently around $94.33. The polyester raw material market continued yesterday's afternoon trading atmosphere, and there was still a slight upward trend, but the downstream buying was still mild, and the production and sales rate was at a high level

the polyester market is looking sideways. Fortunately, there is little pressure on the enterprise location, but there is still room for preferential interest transfer in a few provinces such as Henan and Hebei. The atmosphere of Jiangsu and Zhejiang semi-finished slicing market is general. The mainstream negotiation is around 99 yuan/ton, which is considered by researchers, and some are higher than 10000 yuan. The market atmosphere is weak, and there are few overall transactions in the near future. In general, polyester chips have maintained a stable and weak pattern in the near future

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