Rapid development of carbon fiber industry cluster

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Jilin Carbon Fiber Industry Cluster develops rapidly

as the only national carbon fiber high-tech industrialization base in China, Jilin City has recently issued ten incentive policies for the development of carbon fiber industry, including: for each new carbon fiber product developed by the enterprise, the municipal government gives the enterprise 300000 yuan to reward R & D personnel; For new products with invention patents, the municipal government will give enterprises 500000 reward for R & D personnel; For the carbon fiber R & D institutions established by the enterprise, which have been recognized at the municipal, provincial and national levels, the municipal government has given the R & D center 200000 yuan for three consecutive years. Charles page, global marketing director of GLS thermoplastics elastomers of PolyOne, also believes that 500000 yuan and 1 million yuan of scientific research fund subsidies... The ten preferential policies also include tax preference, preferential interest discount loan support, etc. At the same time, Jilin also plans to introduce and train 100 high-end talents engaged in restarting carbon fiber technology research and development, achievement transformation and establishing carbon fiber products enterprises in the next five years

it is reported that in order to promote the rapid development of carbon fiber industry, Jilin has specially established a carbon fiber industry promotion working group and will establish a "strategic alliance for technological innovation of carbon fiber industry", For the detailed information on the utilization of ring stiffness testing machine in the anti-corrosion coating of steel pipeline, users can refer to GB/T 23257 (2) 009 polyethylene anti-corrosion coating of buried steel pipeline to prepare for the establishment of Jilin national carbon fiber high-tech industrialization base R & D center and carbon fiber doctoral workstation, so as to create conditions for the transformation of implementation achievements

at present, five functional areas in Jilin City, including carbon fiber industry core area, carbon fiber products deep processing area, carbon fiber auxiliary materials supporting area, carbon fiber special equipment manufacturing supporting area and carbon fiber R & D and business service supporting area, are under intense construction. The construction of several carbon fiber projects has entered the final stage. The phase I 500 ton carbon fiber project of Sinosteel Jiangcheng 2000 ton carbon fiber project is expected to be put into operation in August, the 5000 ton precursor project of Jilin Carbon valley will be put into trial operation in September, and the 20000 carbon fiber bicycles project of Jiyan high tech phase I will be officially put into operation in August. The carbon fiber industry in Jilin has initially formed a trend of cluster development

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