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Safety technical measures for laying cables in the ground cable trench

1. Overview: the installation project of XX coal mine XX project undertaken by our company is currently stopping communication construction. There are two substations in the air of XX mine (machine repair workshop substation and main shaft substation). The communication substation needs to stop the serial connection with RS485 communication line first, and then connect with the underground ring exchange machine. In the air wiring, it is necessary to take the air cable trench, because there is no ventilation in the air cable trench for a long time and the cable support outside the cable trench is gathered. In order to ensure the safety of homework and construction quality, this Enron technology method is specially formulated

2. Homework time:

February 27-28, 2016

3. Homework content:

laying communication cables

4. Homework staff:

two people in xxxxxx company

5. Things and materials:

gloves, insulating rubber shoes, ties, masks, diagonal pliers, RS485 wire, etc

6. Homework process:

1 First estimate the required cable length, and then go to the warehouse to take care of the cable

2. Field survey the site, confirm the detailed trend and formulate the wiring scheme

3. Implement cabling

4. Restore the site

7. Enron measures:

1 Before homework, the homework staff should have a clear understanding of the direction of the cable trench connecting the two substations in the air, and the details of which section in the cable trench can go and which section can't be better than others

2. Before homework, you need to open the small door at the outlet of the cable trench for ventilation for one day to expel the toxic and harmful gases in the cable trench

3. Before officially entering the cable trench for construction, it is required to test various gas parameters in the cable trench with a portable instrument to confirm that there is no risk, and then enter the internal skill class. When the measured concentration of toxic and harmful gases exceeds the standard, the operation shall be stopped immediately and the personnel shall be withdrawn immediately

4. Pay attention to personal safety when walking in the cable trench. Pay attention not to trip over the cable under your feet or be scratched by the cable support. When the demand goes forward, we must go slowly; When you need to stand up, you must stand up slowly and pay attention to the safety of your head

5. Pay attention not to move the laid cables in the cable trench, especially the connected connection box at the bottom of the cable trench

6. The cable trench has a high pore volume. When walking in an emergency environment, stop the operation immediately and retreat immediately. If it is impossible to retreat in time in a very risky environment, shout for help

8. Quality standard:

1 The laying of cables shall strictly comply with the quality standards of coal mines. Reeve originally worked in the aviation industry and required the cables to be horizontal and vertical

2. The cables are laid on the lowest layer of the cable support and parallel to other cables

3. The cables should not be crossed during laying. They should be arranged neatly. They should not be twisted, broken or damaged by other machinery

4. During cable laying, the ratio of the minimum bending radius to the outer diameter shall not be less than 10 times

5. After laying, follow the standard of binding one place every 1.5m. Ekoma's elium resin can be used to manufacture thermoplastic composite parts to replace metal parts. The binding shall be stopped. The binding shall be robust after the cable is straightened

6. After the completion of construction, the two ends of the cable shall be marked

9. Risk source identification:

1. Before homework, the small door at the exit was not opened for ventilation, resulting in excessive toxic and harmful gases in the cable trench, resulting in staff risk

2. Before homework, the scene was not surveyed, so it was impossible to confirm the cable length and understand the direction of the cable trench

3. The portable tester is not carried during homework, which makes it impossible to judge the toxic and harmful gas environment in the cable trench and poses potential risks to the staff

4. Failure to follow the established cables during homework, resulting in potential risks and rework

5. Failure to make signs after the end of construction, resulting in protection difficulties

6. See attached table I for detailed risk source identification table

10. Study and implement the signature form:

Enron technology method study signature form


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