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The safety technical measures for the installation of standby mining face

112206 cut hole has been penetrated. In order to do a good job in the preparation for the mining of 112206 mining face, it is decided to stop the installation task. In order to ensure the safe installation of mining face, this method is specially adopted, and relevant staff are expected to strictly follow and perform it

1. Construction style

1. Reserve 112206 first. 5. Controller: install joist at the intersection of the controller fault mining face cut and the roadway, and then install 112206 spare mining face cut on the normal rail column. When driving the right track post, adopt the stop sequence from bottom to top

2. The single hydraulic prop shall be hinged with the top beam to stop the support, and the method of straight cantilever beam aligned column shall be adopted. The column row spacing is 1000 mm and the column spacing is 800 mm, and the hinged top beam is close to the coal wall of the cut hole. Bolt support shall be adopted during the cutting and tunneling of 112206 standby mining face, the spacing between bolt rows is 0.8m, and the hinged roof beam shall be inserted in the middle between the two bolts

3. The advance support of 112206 standby mining face transportation roadway and 112206 standby mining face return air roadway shall be timely supported according to the provisions of mining procedures, with a support interval of no less than 20m

4. After pushing a row forward, hit the cutting hole on the right rail column in time, hinge the beam head with the column in the cutting hole, then make the lower Enron exit of 112206 standby mining face, replace and support the large beam of the machine head, and stop mining and transportation by using the chute of 112206 cutting construction

5. When brushing and installing the side of 112206 standby mining face, the blast hole depth control must be stopped at the uneven place of the roadway according to the original cutting environment, and it must be ensured that the hinged roof beam should be hinged firmly and contact the coal side. Before the mining face is pushed forward, the joist at the lower exit of the mining face and the advance support of the upper and lower roadway must be well supported

6. After pushing a row of cut holes, make the upper and lower Enron exits, replace the "four groups of eight beams", and stop the mining face support according to the "three four" row of columns

2. Construction Enron technical measures

(I) change the trapezoidal shed in the cut hole

1. During construction, stop the hydraulic prop support from bottom to length and follow the steps step by step until the cut hole support is completed. In the process of support, attention should be paid to the handling, anti-skid and anti-collision methods of pillars

2. Strictly implement the "knock on the side and ask for the top" system, and it is strictly prohibited to do empty top homework. When knocking on the side and asking for the top, use a long handle such as steel drill to knock on the roof or coal side that has been disclosed but not handled on the task surface, identify whether the roof or coal side is loose, broken and separated according to its recovered echo, and drop the loose, broken and separated hanging gangue, dangerous rock and hanging coal. The following regulations must be followed when knocking on the side and asking for the top:

(1) knock on the side and asking for the top must be stopped under the shelter of no lack of support

(2) before knocking on the side and asking for the top, the exit road must be cleared to ensure that the exit road is unobstructed

(3). The hanging gangue and hanging coal on the roof and coal wall must be handled and dropped immediately. Before handling, the detailed and indecent observation of the hanging gangue and hanging coal must be stopped, and the operation must be stopped by standing at the safe address with complete support above the inclined part of the hanging gangue and hanging coal to be handled. Be careful not to fall behind before prying, pry left and right, pry small and fall big

(4) deal with the falling large gangue on the top of the knocking wall, and then transport it after breaking the small one in time. On the task surface, every homework staff must often stop knocking on the top of their task address in time, timely drop the hanging gangue, dangerous rock and chip handling, and take knocking on the top as a system

3. When erecting a single hydraulic prop, the methods of beam alignment, column alignment and positive cantilever placement shall be adopted. Support density: row spacing 1m, plant spacing 0.8m. A row of beams is required. Ensure the support quality. When erecting a single hydraulic prop, it must be in a vertical and horizontal line and strong against the mountain. After the prop is connected to the top plate, continue to inject liquid for 3 ~ 5 seconds, and ensure that the initial support force is not less than 90kN; After the support, the single hydraulic support in the retreat path must be refilled with liquid to ensure that the support of the support is strong; Guarantee support density: row spacing is 1.0m, column spacing is 0.8m, and the error is not greater than 0.1M (columns can be added in some modified areas). The top beam must be vertical to the coal side, and the hinge rate of the top beam shall not be less than 90%. Three non hinged top beams shall not be presented continuously. Laying the hinge above the top beam along the direction of the task surface will exceed the anti-skid skid skid of other types of plastic machine product beams

(II) support quality of "four groups of eight beams": 1. "Four groups of eight beams" are supported by four pairs of eight mining 11# lace I-steel large-scale sheds. The beam length of the circulating large-scale shed is 3.2m. The large-scale shed adopts step cross forward channeling, with an interval of 1m each time, a beam interval of 0.2m and a group interval of 0.7m

2. One beam and three columns shall be guaranteed at the end of the large shed, and Guadai shall move forward. The distance between the two sheds shall not exceed 0.7m, and the spacing between the two frames shall be 0.2m. The staggered distance between the two frames on the target of the task plane shall be 1.0m. The distance between the outermost large shed and the advance protection of the two lanes shall not be more than 0.5m, and the distance between the innermost large shed and the basic support of the task plane shall not be more than 0.6m. The new year's Eve shed can only be used in the positive direction to prevent lateral use. A berm column shall be set on the frame behind each pair of sheds, and a capped point column shall be set on the top cutting line between each pair of sheds to strengthen support and cut the top. At least one capped point column shall be set in the triangle area of coal wall to protect the top and side

3. After blasting on the task face, the four large sheds left in the four pairs of large sheds shall be moved to the coal side one by one in time, and the advance support of the coal wall and roof shall be stopped

4. Ensure that the height of the upper and lower Enron exits is not less than 1.6m and the width is not less than 0.7m

(III) other

1. It is strictly prohibited to carry out empty roof work. The pillar must closely follow the homework address. The pillar that breaks down and tilts must be righted in time after blasting. The roof and hanging beam must be found in time after blasting, and the upper column must be marked in time

2. When installing the sliding device in the mining face, the large-scale parts must be bound and put together, and the self-reliance shelter and cooperative shelter must be safe; When hanging heavy objects, when the head (D1 + D2) < 12, the dimensional deviation and appearance quality are qualified Hands and feet are strictly prohibited to reach under the large parts, and be careful not to be injured by the large parts; When hanging heavy objects, the hanging point must be located at the place where the heavy objects can be accepted, and the weight must be tested first. Only after confirming that the hanging point can bear the weight can the hoist be used to hang the heavy objects; If you need to carry large pieces on the slide, you must contact the slide driver to avoid injury

3. When the 112206 standby mining face device is used, first punch the cutting hole with the columns according to the column row spacing specified in the regulations, and then brush the uneven parts of the mining face, delay the chute to the return air roadway of 112206 standby mining face, and then push it all

4. It is strictly forbidden to use the single pillar with deformation, failure and liquid leakage in the process of surface installation

5. In the process of surface installation, a special person must be assigned to take charge of the task of indecent mountain and Enron. During surface installation, the staff must stand above the construction address and no one is allowed to stand below

6. Ensure that the exit route is unobstructed during surface mounting

7. During surface installation, it is strictly forbidden for staff to pass under the construction site. If they want to pass, they can pass in front with the consent of construction staff

8. The task of installing face and striking column must be stopped by three people in length, and two people work together to observe the top plate

9. During construction, the tile inspector must stop gas inspection at any time. It is strictly prohibited to do homework when the gas concentration reaches 1%

10. The task of transporting columns and beams must be stopped by two people. When installing the surface, the single hydraulic prop is used to jointly hinge the top beam to stop the support. The column row spacing is 1000 mm and the column spacing is 800 mm. The hinged top beam is close to the cut coal wall

11. In case of other achievements that really need to be adjusted and decided, stop reporting to the Enron on duty and the adjustment room in time

12. Matters not covered in these Measures shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions in the safety regulations for coal mines and the technical operation regulations for coal miners


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