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OPINION | Medical student pens letter to the loved ones of cadavers | CBC News - Today News Post Today News || UK News

This column was written by Western University Medical Student Caroline Esmonde-White for a memorial service thanking the families of body donors to the school. The memorial service did not happen because of COVID-19 but she says the sentiment remains strong,?especially during a pandemic when scientific discovery is so important.?

When I walked into my first anatomy lab of first-year medical schoolWe are truly nea, I had never?seen a dead human body before. I had also never studied anatomySabina Vohra-Miller wants to cry every time she thinks o.

I walked toward the metal door with trepidation, unsure whether I would be one of the fainters. In the air hung a sense of solemnity and the fumes of formaldehydeCelina Gallardo.

My concern that I would be inept at anatomy paled in comparison to the knowledge that we were about to work with bodies that had previously housed life, emotions, and experiences. When we began our work and uncovered the bodies, it was shocking.

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