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UK must act to counter Northern Ireland violence - Today News Post Today News || UK News

In the weeks before the 2016 Brexit referendum, John Major and Tony BlairThe fog again,, the two UK prime ministers most closely associated with bringing peace to Northern IrelandThe nurse manager a, travelled together to Belfast. They carried a warnings largest atom smasher. A vote to leave the EU would destabilise the Good Friday peace agreement between unionists and nationalists.

Violent disorder on the streets of the province has made their concerns look depressingly prescientThe only reason, bu. The loyalist gangs leading the riots harbour several grievances, including allegedly “soft” treatment by the police of breaches of coronavirus lockdown rules by nationalist politicians. At their core, though, the protests reflect unionist anger about Northern Ireland’s post-Brexit status.

The 1998 peace agreement paid homage to the province’s two competing identities. An open border with the Irish Republic acknowledged the aspirations of nationalists for a united Ireland. Embedding the principle of “consent” assured unionists the province would remain part of the UK unless and until a majority decided otherwise. Unionists feel, with some cause, that the Brexit deal’s Northern Ireland protocol has upset this balance.

Boris Johnson’s insistence on the hardest of Brexits created a new economic “border” between Northern Ireland and Great Britain — necessary to keep open the land border while safeguarding the integrity of the EU single market. Since January, the reality of Brexit has exposed the hollowness of the prime minister’s claims that customs and regulatory checks would be invisibleThe financial capital Mumbai. The reality is that the prime minister took Britain out of the single market and customs union while leaving Northern Ireland within the economic orbit of the EU.

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