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There is a surplus of solar glass, and the gold crystal has increased by 1.5 billion yuan against the market.

although the solar industry has shown signs of surplus, it still has not restrained the investment enthusiasm of enterprises Jinjing Technology (600586, closing price 18.17 yuan), which has been suspended for several days, announced a non public offering plan on December 2, which will raise no more than 1.5 billion yuan in private placement for the construction of solar special glass and solar processed glass production lines

fund raising investment in solar glass

Jinjing technology revealed on the 2nd of this month that the company plans to issue no more than 100million shares to no more than 10 objects at a price of no less than 14.97 yuan/share; The upper limit of the net funds raised is 1.5 billion yuan, which will be used to invest in solar functional materials projects

Jinjing technology will set up a new wholly-owned subsidiary Beijing Jinjing smart solar materials Co., Ltd. (tentatively named) in Daxing District of Beijing as the construction subject of the project The overall construction of the project will be implemented by stages within three years, during which a solar special glass production line with a daily melting capacity of 600 tons and 1000 tons will be built, with an annual output of 10million weight boxes of solar special glass (1 weight box =50 kg); Build a processing center for solar functional materials, with an annual output of 10million square meters of solar processed glass

from the perspective of the plan, Jinjing technology's planned capacity scale is quite large The products of the company's fund-raising projects are mainly aimed at amorphous silicon thin-film batteries. According to the data in the plan, the output of amorphous silicon thin-film solar cells in China in 2010 was 1000MW. Calculated by using about 1.6 square meters of solar conductive film glass per 100 watts of solar photovoltaic power cells, China's demand for solar conductive film glass in 2010 was 16million square meters; The annual production capacity of solar deep-processing glass planned by the company is 10million square meters, which is equivalent to 62.5% of the total national demand next year

the statistics of iSuppli, a famous market research company, show that China's solar glass production lines have reached 24 in 2008, and will reach 32 this year. The actual annual production capacity will exceed 600000 tons, and can be equipped with 8000mw photovoltaic modules, which has exceeded the current global total output of photovoltaic modules At present, CSG a (000012, which is currently widely used in the field of industrial automation, will usher in a lot of room for development, with a price of 20.58 yuan) has occupied half of the domestic solar glass market. China glass, which is listed in the Hong Kong market, will also have an annual production capacity of more than 100000 tons in the future Xiangcai Securities believes that the two companies will put greater pressure on Jinjing technology's fund-raising investment project In addition, the competition risk caused by the excess supply of products in the future is large, and the profit space of products may also be compressed

Xiangcai Securities: contribute profits after two years

despite the pressure of production capacity, Jinjing technology's investment is not a fever for a while

Jinjing technology's fund-raising project will mainly produce solar special float glass and solar deep-processing glass. The former can be used to manufacture all kinds of solar photovoltaic cells, while most manufacturers in China Southern glass, including China Southern glass, produce solar ultra white embossed glass, which can only be used to manufacture crystalline silicon cells; Solar deep processing glass is processed on the basis of special float glass. It is a "substrate glass" that must be used in the production of long and short crystalline silicon thin film photovoltaic cells

Wang Shun, a new energy industry analyst at Xiangcai securities, said that the company's participation in the upstream of the industrial chain before the large-scale launch of the market is conducive to leading rival manufacturers to cultivate customers and then occupy market share At present, solarworl has been made of Jinjing technology ultra white glass. If there is any, please exclude it in time or notify the company that D is in procurement and Tianwei baobian is in trial, which has opened a certain market space

However, Wang Shun also pointed out that the company should not ignore the competitive pressure from peers He believes that although Jinjing technology is able to exclude small and medium-sized enterprises from its competitors by virtue of its large-scale production capacity, there are basically no technical, technological and financial obstacles in the glass field if large manufacturers such as CSG want to enter the solar glass used in thin-film batteries in the future, causing the price of lithium hydroxide products to decline

Jinjing technology's construction period of this project is 3 years, but during this period, there will be capacity release in succession Xiangcai securities predicts that the actual contribution of profits after 2011 will have little impact on the company's performance in the past two years However, based on the net profit of 350million yuan after the project is fully completed, it is expected to increase the company's earnings per share by 0.5 yuan in the future

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