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Development status and trend of CPP film

China has introduced single-layer casting film production equipment since the 1980s. It belongs to the primary stage, with low grade, slow processing speed and poor film quality. It has been phased out. Since the 1990s, the plastic packaging industry has introduced multi-layer coextrusion casting film production lines from Germany, Austria, Japan, Italy and other countries. The production capacity has increased from 1000t/set to t/set, with a width of 4m, a thickness of 15mm, and a traction speed of 250m/min, bringing CPP technology to a new level

cast PP film has good transparency, high gloss, good rigidity, excellent moisture resistance and heat resistance, and is easy to heat seal. It is suitable for making composite film substrate, low temperature heat sealing film, antistatic film and cooking film. There are tens of billions of market space in the Chinese market alone. The cooking film can be boiled and disinfected under high pressure for 40min at 120 degrees Celsius. It is currently used. The length and width are 50mm*220mm. The influence of experimental conditions on strength is wide. The influence of temperature conditions on strength is obvious. The extensive food packaging is a sealing material that should meet the requirements of a wide range of small and medium-sized wood-based panel consumer enterprises and various wood quality inspection departments. On the basis of introducing technology and equipment, digestion, absorption and continuous development of new products are the new trend of CPP development. At present, it has been listed as a national key new product, including the high transparent and super soft CPP film of Shanghai Wisteria company, which solves the problems of low temperature brittleness and low fracture strength of CPP, so that clothing and food packaging can be exported to cold areas. In short, CPP new products emerge in endlessly. With the continuous development of the market, CPP will have a bright future

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