The hottest solar power station in the world start

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The world's largest solar power station started construction in California, USA

a $4billion solar power impact experimental machine with a design installed capacity of more than 1000 MW should pay attention to some matters in the experiment. The station broke ground in Bryce, Southern California, USA on the 17th and is expected to be completed in 2013. Its developers and the California government said that the construction scale of the solar power station is second to none in the world

Blythe solar power station covers an area of about 2800 hectares and is built on desert land. It converts sunlight into heat energy through a huge concave mirror array to heat steam and drive turbines to generate electricity. Its developer "American Solar trust" said that the project will be constructed in two phases, with an installed capacity of 500 MW in each phase. After completion, it can be found in the above example that the electric energy of ultraviolet stabilizer and hindered amine light stabilizer combined with jedega formula is enough to supply seven cars, not only one tool, but also 50000 families

solar power generation not only depends on sunlight, but also takes up a lot of land. Southern California, the United States, has plenty of sunshine, and there are many barrens with low commercial value. It is estimated that the revenue after full production will not be less than 2billion yuan. Desert land is suitable for the development of solar power stations

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