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The oversupply of solar modules manufacturers cut price competition

industry experts pointed out that the price of solar panels will continue to fall this year, deepening the sharp decline of the previous year. For manufacturers who are already difficult to make profits, the modified materials have better biocompatibility and bone fusion ability than unmodified materials, which will continue to cause heavy losses

the average price of solar modules has fallen to cents per watt, more than 10% lower than the price of nearly 95 cents per watt at the end of last year, and the price has shrunk by about 50% in last year alone

The decline in the price of components will help to improve the sales of solar cells, reduce the dependence of the solar industry on subsidies, and relatively improve its competitiveness against fossil fuels. But at the same time, it also wiped out all the profits of major component manufacturers, such as Wuxi Suntech, Yingli new energy, Trinasolar and the leading solar energy in the United States

Wuxi Suntech's share price fell 2.5% to $2.73 last Friday, less than 1/3 of the price level in February last year. The share price hit a new low of $1.70 in October last year

More attractive than wood

Yingli and Trinasolar are also under heavy pressure, and their share prices have fallen to the lowest point of this year. As for leading solar, the stock price at the beginning of this month has fallen nearly 90% from last year's high to $20.02, approaching the lowest record in history

Shyam Mehta, an analyst at GTM research, said, "the price of solar modules is likely to fall to 70 cents per watt this year. At present, the balance between demand and supply is still quite fragile, and there is still a lot of room for adjustment."

the global demand for solar modules increased by about 40% last year, but manufacturers were forced to cut price competition because of overcapacity in the market

hee cheul Kim, President of Hanhua new energy, said: "many competitors are independent companies, unlike large consortiums with reserve strength. I don't think that in an environment of lack of cash, these enterprises that press the start button to start electromechanical (the red signal light is on) can survive for more than 3 years, and the industry will eventually be restructured."

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