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Solar power innovation building energy conservation

in the wave of green buildings in the world, the "zero energy consumption building" directly aimed at building energy consumption is increasingly becoming the focus of attention. Its core feature not only emphasizes energy-saving design, but also turns the building energy demand to renewable energy such as solar energy, wind energy, shallow geothermal energy, etc Below the building, we will show the characteristics of the color screen electronic tensile testing machine and find the best solution for the harmonious coexistence with the environment

the demand for energy conservation and emission reduction of "open source + throttling"

the commitment of the Chinese government to the international obligations of carbon dioxide emission reduction and the implementation of the scientific concept of development, as well as the continuous strengthening of the national awareness of building energy conservation, have promoted the formation of a complete interest chain of building energy conservation and a market-oriented operation mechanism, providing a good opportunity for buildings to use solar energy

choose the energy demand solution based on the whole life cycle of the building. The essence is to replace the growth of petrochemical energy demand in the whole society with the growth of building energy conservation and renewable energy, that is, the "open source" of renewable energy utilization and the "throttling" of building energy conservation. This requires the development of building energy collection system to realize building energy self-help. As a key component of the energy system, the building itself is a remarkable feature of solar buildings

make full use of building resources and ask for energy from buildings. 40 billion square meters of existing buildings and 1 billion square meters of annual new buildings have become the external pressure and realistic conditions for making full use of building resources. Therefore, "using construction should replace construction resources and ask for energy from construction" is not a slogan, but a kind of society

energy conservation and emission reduction is a national strategy that China must adhere to for a long time, and opening up sources and reducing expenditure is the only way to promote building energy conservation in China. The sun should first take the path of resource-saving development. Energy photovoltaic buildings will play an important role in building a resource-saving society, become a strategic way of building energy conservation, and make greater contributions to the realization of "zero energy consumption" buildings

"BIPV + energy saving" solutions emerge

in recent years, "zero energy consumption building" and "low carbon building" have gradually become the focus of attention at home and abroad, and the solar energy application method combining photovoltaic and building, if there is a torque value, has also been greatly promoted. In China, the photovoltaic industry is developing rapidly, and the government has also issued relevant supporting policies. These favorable policies will accelerate the pace of solar power building integration as a hot spot of building energy conservation

solar power building integrated BIPV is to install the solar photovoltaic (PV) power generation system on the existing buildings, or design, construct and install the PV power generation system and the new buildings at the same time, which can not only meet the photovoltaic power generation function, but also be friendly with the buildings

Taihao solar power building integration is the product of integrating solar power system into Taihao IBMS building electrical overall solution. Taihao solar power supply system is mainly developed for the interface between the solar automatic tracking control system, charging controller, inverter and distribution equipment in the solar photovoltaic power generation system and Taihao's existing BEMS intelligent building management platform, so as to realize integrated control management, and optimize and improve the existing inverter, distribution and other equipment by introducing foreign advanced technology, Finally, the seamless combination of solar power system and building intelligence will be realized

according to statistics, building energy consumption accounts for about 1/3 of the world's total energy consumption, and will be the largest market for solar photovoltaic power generation in the future. The combination of solar power system and buildings will make solar power transition to alternative energy and become an important part of the world energy structure, thus fundamentally changing the subordinate position of solar power in the world energy. By making full use of solar energy and asking for energy from buildings, the building dream of "zero energy consumption" is not far away

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