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The development status and trend of domestic gravure printing equipment in the field of color boxes

I. the status quo of domestic gravure printing equipment

1. there are a large number of manufacturers, the scale varies greatly, and the regionality is obvious

according to the latest statistics, the total number of gravure printing machine manufacturers in the country is more than 70, and the actual number is larger. Most of them are web gravure machine manufacturers, and the main manufacturers include Shaanxi Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Songde Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., Shanzhang Light Industry Machinery Industry Co., Ltd., Huaying flexible packaging equipment General Factory, Ningbo Xinda Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., etc. There are also a few sheet fed gravure machine manufacturers, such as Beijing zhenhenri Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., Shanghai Ziming Machinery Co., Ltd., Shanghai Hairun Machinery Co., Ltd., etc

the scale of gravure machine manufacturers varies greatly, ranging from annual sales of less than 2million yuan to annual sales of about 200million yuan

the distribution of gravure machine manufacturers has obvious regional characteristics. 15 enterprises in Guangdong accounted for 21.4% of the total, 9 enterprises in Jiangsu accounted for 12.9% of the total, 15 enterprises in Shaanxi accounted for 21.4% of the total, 22 enterprises in Zhejiang accounted for 31.4% of the total, 2 enterprises in Beijing accounted for 2.9% of the total, 3 enterprises in Shanghai accounted for 4.3% of the total, and 1 enterprise in Fujian, Yunnan, Shandong, Hubei and other provinces accounted for 1 of the total. The specific parts of wear and tear were determined 4%。 It can be seen that the above-mentioned manufacturers are concentrated in Shaanxi, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, accounting for 87% of the total number of manufacturers

in addition, there are a considerable number of gravure machine auxiliary equipment and component manufacturers that continue to be added. These manufacturers can provide tension control system, alignment control system, deviation correction device, image viewer, corona treatment device, ESA, rubber roller, die cutting equipment and cutting tools. In general, almost all auxiliary devices on gravure printing equipment are produced by domestic manufacturers

2. The application field of products continues to expand, and the product series and specifications are basically matched.

the application field of domestic gravure printing machines is quite extensive, and the main field is flexible packaging printing. In recent years, folding cartons, such as cigarette packs, pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging, sterile packaging and printing, have developed rapidly

domestic gravure printing machines are widely used in various printing materials, such as film, paper, aluminum foil and composite materials. The printing width in the field of color boxes ranges from 600 to 2500 mm, which can meet the requirements of different products. The width of cigarette bag printing gravure machine is generally 1300 ~ 2100mm, and the width of sterile packaging gravure machine is generally 1000 ~ 1300mm. The number of color groups of domestic gravure printing machines varies, with 6 ~ 8 colors printed on soft cigarette packs and 6 ~ 8 colors printed on sterile packages

3. the product quality is improving rapidly, but advanced and simple machines coexist.

at present, the maximum mechanical speed of many domestic gravure printing machines has reached more than 200 meters/minute. It is particularly noteworthy that Zhongshan Songde and Shaanxi beiren launched gravure printing machines with a maximum speed of 300 meters/minute in 2003 and 2004 respectively. The performance of some equipment has approached and reached the level of imported equipment. Due to the continuous integrity of functions and the continuous improvement of automation, the performance and price of domestic equipment are relatively high, and the competitive advantage is becoming increasingly obvious. An ongoing change is that some backbone packaging and printing enterprises that originally used imported equipment have begun to use domestic equipment, and the purchase of domestic equipment is a basic direction of future investment

the adoption of new technologies and systems has significantly shortened the gap with developed countries. For example, from the perspective of mechanical speed alone, the maximum speed of domestic gravure printing machines only reached the level of foreign countries in the 1970s and 1980s, but from the perspective of the new platform of electronic shaft transmission technology, the gap between domestic gravure printing machines and foreign products is only a few years. Please see the following schedule:

■ in 1997, the world's first electronic shaft gravure press produced in Italy came out

■ in 2000, drupa exhibited the electronic shaft gravure machine for the first time

■ in 2002, China first introduced electronic shaft gravure printing machine:

■ in 2003, China produced the first electronic shaft gravure printing machine. At present, the total number of domestic electronic shaft gravure printing machines is less than 10. Many manufacturers have shifted from single product production to the development of system solutions

4. begin to quickly move towards the international market

at present, the products of China's gravure machine manufacturers are exported to about 30 countries in total. Note: the input and output real data of sensors sometimes change with different manufacturers, but at present, they are basically limited to Southeast Asia, the Middle East and South America, Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union. Among the manufacturers of these export products, there are both well-known large factories and small factories that are unknown

Second, the gap and problems of domestic gravure printing equipment

first, our understanding of gravure printing machine has considerable limitations, and even many misunderstandings. The development of domestic gravure printing machines benefits from the introduction and learning of Japanese technology, but due to almost uniform imitation, our vision and thinking are limited to a great extent. For example, it is generally believed that the Asian level represents the international advanced level; The concept of medium and high speed has been vague for a long time. There is a widespread phenomenon of blindness and arrogance in the industry: it is often seen that the gravure machine has reached the "international advanced level" of product advertising and achievement appraisal reports: there is a lack of real understanding of the characteristics of the international advanced level gravure machine. The number of color decks, sleeve type plate cylinder structure, etc. are widely recommended as the progressiveness of the machine

secondly, although the performance of domestic gravure printing machines is constantly improving, there is still a considerable gap with the international advanced level. The reliability of all domestic machines still needs to be improved. At present, there are only two manufacturers that can produce high-speed gravure printing machines with a maximum mechanical speed of 300 meters/minute, accounting for 3% of the total. The actual output of high-speed gravure printing machines accounts for less than 1% of the total

third, the overall strength of our enterprise is still very weak. Our manufacturers are only regional suppliers, and the export proportion of our products is still very small. The export objects are only some countries and regions with relatively backward packaging. More than 70% - 80% of the products of world-class manufacturers are exported. At present, the monopoly of domestic high-end gravure printing machine market by imported equipment has not been broken. At present, the total sales volume of all gravure printing machine manufacturers in China is estimated to be between 1 billion and 1.5 billion yuan, which is less than the annual sales volume of a large foreign manufacturer

fourth, the standardization work is seriously lagging behind, many products have no standards, and the old industry standards have actually been abandoned for many years. Design theory research is almost blank, and education and scientific research are far behind actual production

III. Development Trend of domestic gravure printing equipment

the future development of domestic gravure printing machines depends not only on technology, but also on development strategy. All gravure machine manufacturers need and will have to relocate. Most gravure machine manufacturers are private enterprises, and many enterprises are satisfied with the current "marketable and profitable". The domestic gravure machine manufacturing industry should quickly realize five major changes:

■ the change of development goals. From catching up with the advanced level in Asia, mainly Japan, to catching up with the advanced level in the world, mainly Europe, and strive to become an international manufacturer

■ change of competitive strategy. From mutual competition among domestic peers to competition with foreign rivals, reduce "fighting in the dark", from competition with Asian rivals to preparing to compete with European rivals, and improve yourself in the competition with strong players

■ shift of market focus. From all domestic markets to both domestic and foreign markets, through the export of product technology and the internationalization of the market, to achieve the improvement of quality and efficiency

■ change of sales mode. Service will become a more important factor in the future, at least as important as quality and price. Therefore, while sales are internationalized, services should also be internationalized to realize the integration of services and sales

■ change of development concept. The international level gravure press pursues far more than high-speed and multicolor. High speed gravure press is not equal to high-end gravure press. High speed is only a feature of high-end gravure press. What is more important is: short version, humanization and environmental protection in product design concept; Personalization, modularization and intellectualization of product structure

domestic gravure machine manufacturers with vision have begun to carry out effective strategies and build the coveted environmental protection Island mdash; mdash; The tactical adjustment of joyxee island has effectively prepared domestic enterprises for internationalization

although the development speed will be affected by various factors, we have reason to believe that the technology of domestic gravure printing machine will develop rapidly, and will mainly show the following seven trends:

1. Take the electronic shaft drive as the technical platform to realize the comprehensive upgrading of gravure printing machine. Electronic shaft drive will still be the most important technical development direction of domestic gravure printing machines in the next few years. All gravure printing machines for various purposes will adopt electronic shaft drive. At present, the electronic shaft transmission and registration systems are mainly from Japan and Europe, but they can only be used on a small number of domestic gravure printing machines. The development of domestic system will be the key to the comprehensive upgrading of domestic gravure printing machines. We can predict optimistically that the domestic electronic shaft drive and registration system will be put into use in the next two to three years, and there will be a coexistence of domestic, Japanese and European systems at that time

2. Gravure printing machines suitable for water-based ink printing will be more widely used. Due to environmental protection and health reasons, gravure water-based ink and varnish will be more and more popular, requiring the gravure machine to be systematically improved in structure, materials, functions and other aspects

3. The proportion of paper gravure printing machines will increase rapidly, and will first promote technological progress. Gravure printing of paper products and paper-based composite materials - wood grain paper, cigarette labels, sterile packaging, gift wrapping paper, etc. will be the fastest-growing branch, and the corresponding gravure printing machine will also be more complex. For example, generally, pre press devices such as flattening, dust removal, pretreatment, etc. are required, sometimes "zero speed docking" and other mechanisms are required, and ESA devices are often required, which are not available in common soft packaging gravure printing machines

4. the machine configuration will be more complex and personalized. Wiring processing will be more diversified, such as UV glazing, die cutting, cross cutting, soft label cutting, etc., so correspondingly, gravure machine management system and remote technical support system will be more and more adopted

5. Modularity will become the basic method of design and manufacturing. As the specifications, functions and configurations become more and more complex, the so-called standard models that used to be determined by the manufacturer in advance, such as width, number of color decks, diameter of unwinding and rewinding, and drying heat source, will no longer exist. In order to meet the needs of personalization, unwinding, printing, wire processing, winding and other parts will be modularized, of which the most important will be gravure carts or gravure and flexo interchangeable carts

6. more international and foreign standards will be adopted and domestic and foreign certification will be passed. European standards, through the necessary certification, such as CE certification, in order to smoothly enter the international market. More exports and more foreign printing companies entering China will put forward more and stricter requirements for domestic gravure printing machines

when it breaks, the 10 prefix will automatically stop. 7. Gravure machine manufacturers will develop more closely and harmoniously with supporting manufacturers. The key components and systems of gravure press will develop in two different directions: one is to adopt more imported components; The other direction is continuous localization. More close

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