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Solar photovoltaic sets off a new technological revolution in the air conditioning industry

when traditional high-energy air conditioners encounter the cleanest new energy solar energy at present, what does this mean for many domestic enterprises? Will the integration of solar photovoltaic technology and air conditioning applications set off a new technological revolution in the global air conditioning industry in the next few years

in December 2010, Midea handed over an unexpected answer: the world's first solar variable frequency air conditioner, which was completely independently developed by Midea and has complete intellectual property rights, was born in Midea and was recognized as an international leading level. This not only creates a new way for traditional household appliances to effectively use solar energy, but also realizes a new application mode of solar photovoltaic power generation as a priority power source. At present, Midea has two q-hap solar air conditioners, 26 and 35, which have passed the national 3C compulsory certification, and have achieved the market sales of domestic products

it is understood that Midea's innovative technical scheme for solar air conditioning not only directly discards the battery power storage scheme that may be formed due to secondary pollution, but also differs from ordinary solar photothermal refrigeration technology. It directly drives the normal operation of air conditioning by the DC generated by solar cells, and the insufficient power is provided by rectifying the mains power into DC. Shen Hui, director of the solar energy system Research Institute of Sun Yat sen University, pointed out that "the listing and sales of this product not only opened the new industrial thinking of the effective use of new energy in traditional household appliances, realized the new mode of solar power generation as the power source of household appliances, but also finally established China's leading position in the technology of solar photovoltaic and household appliance applications in the world."

relying on the global technology research and development platform and integrating advanced solar photovoltaic technology and air conditioning technology experts, Midea has 13 invention patents around solar air conditioning. In the future, around solar air conditioning, Midea interactive is also regarded as a design focus, and a complete product line from 1 to 5 will be launched, so as to ensure the needs of different consumption environments and comprehensively promote the market popularization and application of solar air conditioning

not only that, the R & D Engineer of air conditioning technology who used the precautions of Midea projector also revealed that "since Midea has fully mastered the current, the industry is bound to reduce secondary installation procedures in 2014 and usher in a year of recovery. The technology of DC quasi solar air conditioning will be relatively easy and fast to replicate and popularize on more kinds of household appliances in the short term." Zhonghua glass () Department

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