The hottest solar power station in the Middle East

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The largest solar power station in the Middle East, "sun one" and power generation

according to a report by physicists' organization on March 18 (Beijing time), at a cost of 600million dollars, the largest composite material in the Middle East can be truly sustainable. Solar power generation (CSP) station - "sun one" was completed and successfully generated power in the desert area of the United Arab Emirates on March 17, which can provide power to 20000 households

"Sun 1" power station is considered to be the largest and most advanced centralized solar power generation project in the Middle East, covering an area of 2.5 square kilometers, equivalent to 300 football fields, with a power generation capacity of 100 MW. There are 258000 composite paraboloid reflectors in the power station. Through these reflectors, the sunlight is gathered on special pipes, which are filled with oil with high heat conduction function. The hot oil is transmitted to the steam generating device through the pipe, and then the steam drives the steam turbine to generate electricity. The commissioning of the solar power station can not only alleviate the pressure on electricity consumption in the United Arab Emirates, but also reduce carbon emissions by about 175000 tons per year, equivalent to planting 1.5 million trees per year, or reducing 15000 cars on the road

csp belongs to the third generation of photovoltaic power generation technology. Its core technology has shifted from semiconductor to modern optics. Using a reflector or lens system to focus light is the future development direction of the photovoltaic industry. Focusing can improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency, but it must realize uniform focusing, otherwise the equipment will follow the weakest part. Another component of this method is the modified polypropylene material for the front and rear bumper body, which makes full use of our extensive understanding of the automotive market to generate electricity. The "Sun 1" power station adopts the latest uniform focusing technology, which can greatly improve the photoelectric conversion rate of the battery

at the inauguration ceremony held on the same day, the president of the United Arab Emirates said that the completion of the power station showed that the United Arab Emirates attached importance to fulfilling its commitment to expand investment and construction in the field of renewable energy. He stressed that the "Sun 1" power station is a solid step taken by the UAE in establishing a diversified economy to ensure long-term energy security

Amin, director general of international renewable energy? Adnan said that the launch of the "Sun-1" power station is the starting point for the Middle East to plan a blueprint for the future of green energy. The creation is viewed with a "playful" attitude. The example and commitment made by the United Arab Emirates in renewable energy are of great significance to the Middle East and even the world. Industry insiders in the country said that "sun one" has taken a major step towards transforming the oil-rich Middle East region into a renewable energy center. Zhonghua glass () Department

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