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Yaopi glass: solar glass leader

strong core competitiveness, monopoly advantage. After the completion of the two automobile lightweight parts production lines and four full-automatic piston production lines in the phase II Industrial Park, yaopi company is the largest and most advanced flat glass and processing glass base in China. Its glass products are widely used in construction, automobile, military industry and other fields, with a large market share. Pilkington, the major shareholder of the company, is the inventor of the float process, which brings the most advanced high-end float to the company. When D1> 5 and D1 <9, 50 pieces of the product batch need to be sampled again for inspection, and the number of unqualified products D2 is checked. It is determined according to the following rules: glass manufacturing process. At present, the company has three of the eight high-quality float glass production lines in the country. The brand advantage of high quality and high price is very prominent, and it has a strong industry monopoly advantage. At the same time, the company also invested nearly 100 million yuan to introduce the most advanced insulating glass and laminated glass equipment in the world, and invested in three Sino foreign joint venture automotive glass enterprises in Changchun, Wuhan, Guilin, etc. to become A-level supplier of Shanghai Volkswagen, which can make the light uniform and soft for Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai Tong, Ford and other companies to support automotive glass, and further enhance their competitive strength

there is a huge imagination space for both new energy and environmental protection topics.

in addition to the advantages of ordinary glass building materials, the company's solar energy new energy and environmental protection topics also deserve attention. The company is the pioneer of domestic solar glass, and will greatly benefit from policy support. The implementation opinions on accelerating the application of solar photovoltaic buildings issued by the Ministry of Finance in the early stage pointed out that it is necessary to promote the application demonstration of photovoltaic buildings, start the domestic market, give financial subsidies to the application demonstration projects of photovoltaic buildings, and encourage technological progress and scientific and technological innovation. The glass curtain wall in photovoltaic buildings is an important part. Today's forum still has a rich agenda for the interactive discussion between the speakers and the audience. Yaopi glass has great advantages in this field and benefits a lot. The company is an excellent supplier of domestic commercial building glass. It has four factories and dozens of glass deep-processing production lines in Shanghai and Beijing and Tianjin. At present, it is one of the glass deep-processing enterprises with the largest scale, the most advanced equipment and the strongest comprehensive supporting capacity in the domestic glass processing industry. The ultra white calendered glass produced by Changshu yaopi special glass Co., Ltd., which controls 75% of the company, is the special glass necessary for solar cell modules. Its melting capacity is 150 tons per day and its processing capacity is 2million square meters per year, showing the dominance of yaopi glass in this emerging industry. Backed by the advanced technology of Pilkington, a leading foreign shareholder, the company will become a pioneer in the Asian solar photovoltaic industry, with huge imagination

in addition, the company has also successfully developed a green super heat absorbing glass, which fills the domestic gap. This product has outstanding characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving. Under the background of vigorously advocating the use of energy-saving and environment-friendly building materials in China, yaopi glass, which has a monopoly position in the industry and has outstanding advantages in environmental protection and energy conservation, will usher in a big development opportunity

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