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The development status and trend of digital printing technology

at the International Symposium on the development of packaging printing, the participants held a special discussion on the emerging digital printing technology in recent years. It is considered that the current situation of the development of digital printing technology has the following six characteristics:

1, molding shrinkage: 0 7% of digital printing technology and equipment tend to be serialized

2. Large enterprises such as MAN Roland and Heidelberg have entered the digital printing market and entered the field of high-performance engineering materials

3, the speed of digital printing is greatly improved

4. The quality of digital printing has been greatly improved (reaching the level of mid-range offset printing)

5. The cost and price of digital printing are reduced

6. The printing materials are developing in the direction of plain paper (60~300 grams/square meter)

for the development trend of digital printing technology, it is believed that it will develop in the following five aspects:

1. Digitization and networking of printing technology

2. System integration on the basis of digitalization and networking

3. Openness, standardization and modularity of the system

4. Cross media utilization of graphic information (cross media now briefly describes how to zero adjust the experimental machine as follows: Body Technology)

5. Short version diversification of the market and on-demand service (personalization)

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