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The solar thermal energy utilization industry is eager for policy support

the solar thermal energy seminar hosted by the solar thermal utilization special committee of the China Renewable Energy Society was held in Lianyungang recently. More than 60 solar energy experts from across the country attended the meeting. They believed that solar energy is inexhaustible green energy, and greater policy support should be given to the utilization of solar thermal energy

solar thermal energy is second to none in new energy

Yin Zhiqiang, Professor of Electronic Engineering Department of Tsinghua University, began the research on the utilization of solar thermal energy 34 years ago, known as "the father of solar energy in China". He told that since 1990, China has become the largest producer and user of solar thermal energy in the world. By the end of last year, the number of solar water heaters in China accounted for 62% of the global total. "It is worth mentioning that in the field of solar thermal energy utilization, China has the vast majority of independent intellectual property rights, and the level of technological research and development is at the forefront of the world. Many international standards refer to China."

professor yinzhiqiang said that Jiangsu is a large province of solar thermal energy research and development, manufacturing and application. Universities and research institutions have gathered a large number of experts, and there are many solar energy equipment manufacturing enterprises in the province. For example, a solar rain solar energy company has a production capacity of 100million square meters by 2015. In the 10-year service cycle, 160 million tons of standard coal can be saved and converted into electric energy, which is equivalent to building a Three Gorges cold and heat shock experimental machine irreversible device power station. Both are solar energy utilization. At present, China's photovoltaic products are at two ends, with few independent intellectual property rights. The vast majority of products are exported and are subject to foreign markets; And 95% of the capacity of solar thermal energy is digested in China. In addition to energy conservation and emission reduction, it also plays a significant role in stimulating domestic demand

the potential of industrial utilization of solar heat energy is huge.

Zhang Xiaosong, a professor at the school of energy and environment of Southeast University, said that at present, the utilization of solar heat energy is mainly concentrated on civil use, that is, to provide domestic hot water for residents. "Generally speaking, it is rarely used in the industrial field. However, its application prospect in industry is very broad, and its role in energy conservation and emission reduction can be brought into full play."

"in the field of solar thermal energy, which is an important condition to ensure that the piston rod does not leak, hot water below 100 ° C is low temperature, 100 ° -400 ° is medium temperature, and above 400 ° is high temperature. Among them, medium temperature has a lot of room for industrial use." In addition, he said, there are more than 500000 industrial boilers in the country, and the main fuel of these boilers is 13 If the data processing system is coal, if it uses solar energy, it is preheated by low-temperature equipment and heated by medium temperature collector, "the saved standard coal is astronomical." The technology of medium temperature heating is also mature. For example, many printing and dyeing enterprises in southern Jiangsu are currently using this method, and the effect of energy conservation and emission reduction is obvious. Zhang Xiaosong believes that in the textile, food, desalination and other industrial fields, the utilization of solar heat energy has broken the problem, and the potential for promotion and use is huge

the utilization of solar thermal energy calls for policy support

the Renewable Energy Strategy Research Report of the Chinese Academy of engineering, written by Professor Yin Zhiqiang, pointed out that in addition to civil solar thermal energy, the promotion and use of medium temperature industrial thermal energy is an important way of energy conservation and emission reduction in the next stage in China, and it is also an important economic growth point, but policy matching is needed

he said that at present, the state has supportive policies for the photovoltaic industry, and there is no matching policy for the utilization of solar thermal energy. "The pollution of solar thermal energy equipment in the manufacturing process is very small. The raw material of vacuum tube manufacturing is mainly glass, and the flat plate collector is mainly made of metal. The most important thing is that the first investment and maintenance cost of solar thermal energy equipment is very low, and it is easy to promote whether it is for civil or industrial use." Experts generally believe that the promotion of the combination of solar thermal energy and civil buildings is relatively smooth, but solar thermal energy is rarely used in the industrial field. If there is corresponding policy support and rapid promotion, it can not only effectively reduce the dependence on coal and other energy, but also reduce the cost of enterprises, which is self-evident for energy conservation, emission reduction and sustainable development

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