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Solar energy industry: unknown nuggets in the era of new energy

Dongguan has developed manufacturing industry, energy tension, and great potential for the development of solar energy industry

production workshop of five-star solar energy

the serious energy crisis forces people to find alternative energy. As an inexhaustible new energy, solar energy brings new hope to the world. The business opportunities triggered by the energy crisis have made enterprises boldly enter the field of solar energy, thus forming a new industry

Professor Shen Hui, doctoral tutor of Sun Yat sen University, once pointed out that the 21st century is the century of renewable energy and solar energy. Among new energy sources, solar energy is the most promising, and solar photovoltaic technology has become the fastest-growing energy technology in the world

Dongguan's economy is developing rapidly and its manufacturing industry is developed, but its energy consumption is huge and energy is scarce. Many businesses saw this opportunity to seize the gold mine above Jiutian in the depression surrounded by traditional manufacturing industry, and there were successful people

officials have also said that there are four industries with a good foundation in Dongguan, and the solar energy industry is one of them

although the potential is huge and all parties are optimistic, the enterprises involved in the field of solar energy are still in the initial stage of small-scale, uneven and self survival, which is in urgent need of planning and support

□ production

some enterprises are making great progress

walk into the five-star solar energy Co., Ltd. located in Wanjiang, and you can see the solar lawn lamp, the scenery complementary street lamp and the solar panel set up in the flower bed. In the production workshop of five-star solar energy, the solar panels with a minimum of 10 megapascals are transported on the neat green conveyor belt, and the staff in neat uniforms are skilled and busy

among the enterprises involved in the field of solar energy in Dongguan, five-star solar energy is the industry leader. This enterprise, founded in 1990, has been selected as one of the top ten solar energy brands in China and has become the only enterprise with an output value of more than 100 million yuan in the field of solar energy in Dongguan

the start-up period of five-star solar energy is also the start-up period of the solar energy industry in Dongguan. Now, after nearly two decades of development, the solar energy industry in Dongguan has begun to take shape, especially the development of solar water heaters, and has formed a solar energy industry group represented by five-star solar energy company, which integrates the research, development, testing, manufacturing, marketing and promotion of solar products, providing a broad development prospect for the development of the solar energy industry in Dongguan

in addition to five-star solar energy, the well-known enterprises involved in the field of solar energy in Dongguan include CSG glass, Kangda Electromechanical, etc. Located in Machong, CSG ultra white photovoltaic glass has accounted for half of the country and has become a new profit growth point of CSG group. Its ultra white glass has been in short supply in the photovoltaic market, and the glass used by domestic photovoltaic giants is produced and supplied by it. Last year, the output, production capacity and sales volume of the company's ultra white glass doubled, with a production capacity of 14million square meters and a market share of more than 40%

Dongguan solar energy has gained a little popularity. In November last year, the Secretariat of Shenzhen solar energy society specially visited Dongguan CSG Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan CSG solar glass and other member units in Dongguan, and used the word "soaring" to describe the development pace of Dongguan solar energy, and suggested that the government should also vigorously support the development of the industry, seize this opportunity, and speed up the development of the solar energy industry

at the Forum on solar energy technology and industrial prospects held in May 2007, Dr. Gao Jianhua, who studied in the United States, and huguangliang, chairman of five-star solar energy Co., Ltd., said that the leading enterprises of solar energy are in Dongguan. Dongguan has formed an industrial cluster led by five-star solar energy company, with booming production and sales, and rapid development. Among them, the product quality of five-star solar energy high-efficiency flat-panel solar water heater has reached the international advanced level, and some products have entered the international market and participated in international competition. This is the advantage of the development of Dongguan's solar energy industry, and it is also the result of constantly following up with international advanced technology

The government also attaches great importance to this. Liangfengming, deputy director of Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau, once said that there are four industries with a good foundation at present: first, the new electronic aspects in the field of electronic information industry, such as cloud computing and other communication networks; Second, the field of manufacturing equipment, such as OLED manufacturing equipment and solar membrane equipment; Third, new energy fields, such as solar energy industry; Fourth, the new material industry

□ demand

the city of manufacturing is facing an energy crisis

insiders said that Dongguan has many favorable conditions for developing the solar energy industry

first of all, Dongguan is the manufacturing capital of the world, enjoying the benefits of manufacturing, but also suffering from the huge energy consumption caused by it. Taking the power supply as an example, 80% of Dongguan's electricity is supplied by the province, and the serious shortage of energy resources has become a bottleneck restricting the economic development of Dongguan. Therefore, vigorously developing the solar energy industry is of great significance to the sustainable economic and social development and economic transformation of Dongguan

secondly, Dongguan has an industrial foundation for developing solar energy utilization, and has experience in transforming solar water heater enterprises, which can provide soft and hard conversion conditions for solar photovoltaic power generation. Therefore, led by the government and supported by policies and industrial guidance, the integration and reorganization of these industrial resources can completely make it the foundation of the solar energy industry that benefits Dongguan and radiates the whole province and even the whole country

in terms of solar energy utilization, Dongguan's industrial technology is also becoming more and more mature. The maturity of solar water heater technology has made the majority of consumers have a high practical enthusiasm, and since the 1970s, solar photovoltaic power generation technology has made a great breakthrough, fully equipped with the basic conditions for commercial operation. Therefore, using the increasingly mature industrial technology and commercial operation experience to push the utilization of solar energy to the track of industrialization is likely to become a new starter for the economic development of Dongguan

at the same time, the development of solar energy in Dongguan has also accounted for the first month's benefit. As we all know, the Pearl River Delta is economically developed, energy is tight, and the solar energy industry has great potential for development. Dongguan, located in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta, is close to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, and the development of solar energy is unique

□ short board

the industry has not developed to the core technology

the solar energy production enterprises in Dongguan are basically private enterprises, which have developed little by little in this emerging field entirely on their own, and most of them have been only engaged in product processing, have not developed upstream, and have not mastered the core technology of solar energy, so the development of enterprises is also limited

solar energy products are high-tech products. People have always been skeptical about their performance and product quality. At the same time, the relatively high purchase cost has hindered the development of the solar energy industry in Dongguan to a certain extent

in addition, the solar energy industry in Dongguan is uneven. Most solar energy manufacturers in Dongguan have small production scale, too scattered, low degree of intensification, backward technology, unstable product quality and low economic benefits. Only five-star solar energy company has an output value of more than 100 million

at present, the technology R & D funds of solar energy enterprises mainly rely on various types of government funds. In Dongguan, except for a few large backbone enterprises, most enterprises have little investment in product R & D. Without the investment of technical funds, the technological progress in this field is seriously restricted, resulting in the slow upgrading of solar products and the adverse situation of low-level repeated development in the industry

industrial observation

can a single spark start a prairie fire

Dongguan is famous for its manufacturing industry, and it has been criticized for being at the end of the manufacturing industry and the popularity of labor-intensive enterprises. The lack of new industries and big guys is a lingering depression in Dongguan. In recent years, Dongguan has continuously promoted industrial transformation and upgrading, hoping to improve the level and competitiveness of the manufacturing industry and consolidate the industrial foundation through industrial upgrading and substitution. In this process, new energy and new materials have become indispensable alternative industries. We are glad to see that Dongguan has introduced and cultivated some highlights in this regard, and the solar energy mentioned in this article is one of them

everyone knows the advantages and potential of the solar energy industry, but few people know about the growing scale of the solar energy industry in Dongguan, and the situation is not optimistic. In other words, until they break, many people know that Dongguan has nine pillar industries, while few know that Dongguan has solar energy. On the Internet, there is not much information about Dongguan solar energy, and it is not easy to find several enterprises in the field of solar energy. This is quite inconsistent with the current situation of the solar energy industry in Dongguan. Take five-star solar energy and CSG group as examples, which can fully illustrate the strength of Dongguan solar energy

on the one hand, compared with the huge and mature traditional manufacturing industry in Dongguan, the strength of new energy and new materials is weak. Although there are many enterprises in these fields, including leading enterprises such as five-star solar energy, they are different from traditional manufacturing in terms of industrial foundation, upstream and downstream support, popularity, and industrial scale and output value. It can be said that in the exploration of industrial transformation and upgrading in Dongguan, new energy and new materials are just a spark. On the other hand, the relevant policy support and supporting facilities are not perfect, coupled with the lack of centralized publicity and promotion, these enterprises are isolated, and few people know about them

however, no matter whether such bags are difficult to degrade naturally, they are extremely important from the perspective of international and domestic industrial development trends or Dongguan's industrial planning. Dongguan enjoys the reputation of a famous manufacturing city, but also encounters development bottlenecks due to huge energy consumption, serious lack of resources, and prominent contradiction between energy supply and demand. Vigorously developing the solar energy industry is of great significance to the economic and social transformation of Dongguan. For a long time, the pattern of market, capital and R & D has made the existing development model weak. Only by carrying out the industrial structure and its simple processing, high efficiency, light proportion (only 1/7 of metal), and can be processed into various products to replace metal adjustment and upgrading, can we ensure the sustainable development of the economy. In this regard, the development of solar energy industry is a driving force

therefore, how to make these stars become a prairie fire, make them become major industries rather than embellishments, and really play a renewal and replacement role in industrial transformation and upgrading is an urgent problem to be solved. At present, Dongguan still lacks policies and plans in this regard, and enterprises are still in a state of self survival, which needs government support and cultivation. However, the person concerned once told the author that there is no detailed information, development planning and supporting policies about the solar energy industry in Dongguan at present

in the long run, if Dongguan's solar energy industry is to truly become a beacon of transformation and upgrading, the government, like supporting other industries, needs to provide necessary support policies for these sparks, increase publicity and promotion, encourage enterprises to innovate, develop more products, attract and cultivate more enterprises in the field of new energy and new materials to settle in Dongguan, and form a strong industrial cohesion. In this regard, Dongguan has accumulated rich experience, and the resulting industrial prosperity has long been talked about by all parties

enterprise tour five-star solar energy:

focus on flat panel technology and want to lead the market again

today, when advocating low-carbon economy and green energy, facing the increasingly serious reality of power shortage, solar energy is attracting more and more attention with its advantages of environmental protection and safety. Recently, five star solar energy Co., Ltd. was selected as one of the top ten leading solar energy brands in China. As one of the largest solar energy enterprises in Dongguan, five star solar energy Co., Ltd. has accumulated the confidence to impact the market leader with its focus on flat-panel solar collector technology in the past 20 years

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