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Solar terms: today's Spring Equinox Day and night

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day and night are equally divided, grass grows and warblers fly in mid spring

farmers know Dongfeng noodles, and shepherd's purse Creek is busy cultivating

the spring equinox, the fourth of the twenty-four solar terms. In ancient times, it was also known as "the middle of the day", "the minute of the day and the night" and "the moon in mid spring". At this time, the sun reaches 0 degrees longitude. "The collection of the seventy-two seasons of the moon": in its view, "in February, half of it is divided, which is half of the ninetieth day, so it is called division." There are two meanings here. One is that the global day and night are equal in length, and the day and night are equally divided, with 12 hours each; Second, in ancient times, spring was from the beginning of spring to the beginning of summer. The spring equinox was the mid point of 90 days in spring, which divided spring equally. After this day, the days are getting longer and the nights are getting shorter in all parts of the northern hemisphere

the spring equinox has always been known as the saying "rain and wind send the warm season to mid spring, the peach willow is fresh with makeup, the equator is golden, and the day and night are divided equally". At this time, the wind is no longer cold. Walking on the land in the south of the Yangtze River, the spring wind blows across the face and the spring is full of vitality. Liuyun and swallows moved north together, covered with stars and the moon, lived at night and walked in the day, built a nest with mud, and cut the equinox of spring with a beautiful tail; Thunder and lightning emerge together. Thunder makes sound, electricity flashes, and glimpses. The combination of sound and light is used to cheer for the Xiaoxiao spring rain

the spring equinox is like the third chicken crow in the morning. At dawn, the plants and crops that have been sleeping all winter have to get up and grow. At this time, in the water town of Jiangnan, the grass grows and the Orioles fly, the willows are green, and the makeup is changed; The bones of peach blossoms are waiting to be released in the spring wind, and the fragrance of milk vetch spreads in the fields. The golden color of rape flowers made people unable to open their eyes, and bees went crazy with joy one after another. The women in the village were also happy. They wrapped a piece of blue calico on their heads and took a bamboo basket in their hands and walked to the field. Before the flowers were full, they snapped off the fat and tender vegetable stalks, fried or pickled, which had a unique flavor. At this time, the straw of winter wheat is jointing in the fertilizer and water, the overwintering crops begin to enter the growth period, and the spring crops begin to enter the embryonic stage. It seems that everything is enjoying the freshness and smoothness of spring. All kinds of plants and trees have their own forms, such as children running in fairy tale paradise - spring is more like spring, and the earth has more earth character

spring is a season of missing for birds. All kinds of birds fly from all directions, muttering in the village and the fields. The water babbler is hidden in a reed or grass, "four aunts, aunts! Four aunts, aunts!" The ground is chirping, with the deepest love. Cuckoo singing knows farming best. It wakes up villages and spring sowing farming

as the saying goes, "when the wheat gets up at the spring equinox, the fertilizer and water should follow closely", every spring rain is warm, and after the spring rain, we are busy farming. Spring is the season of sowing. From this moment on, the farmers have tightened their clockwork like this. Composting and fertilization, ditching and field consolidation, seed selection and soaking, spring ploughing and sowing are busy together. People rely on their industrious hands to touch the spring earth. It can be said that the spring "minute" is proud, the spring is infinite, and the spring flowers bloom. When the flowers bloom, the whole world seems to laugh. It seems that the whole season is to wait for this moment. It is also a good time for people to go outing and enjoy the scenery in this season of brilliant flowers and various styles

"February awakens the insects and the spring equinox, planting trees and fertilizing the farmland is deep". The spring equinox is also a good time to plant trees. The ancient poem "the cow cries for the woman in the middle of the night, and planting trees in the Ming Dynasty is the spring equinox" Quzhou Yuanli's scrap purchase was reduced by 20 yuan/ton; Guangxi Wuzhou Yongda scrap purchase price fell by 10 yuan/ton. In the hot season of busy farming, we should continue to use our double model to test the tensile strength of materials with a length of 300mm, a diameter of ≤ 12mm, and a diameter of ≥ 15mm to afforest the mountains and rivers of the motherland and beautify our environment

the spring equinox is also a festival and sacrificial ceremony. The ancient emperors required that automotive interior materials have the characteristics of low volatility, low odor, low gloss, high wear resistance, soft touch, pollution resistance, etc. Wang has the ritual system of sacrificing the sun in spring and the moon in autumn. Pan rongbi of the Qing Dynasty, "emperor Ji Sheng at the age of emperor Jing": "offering sacrifices to the sun at the spring equinox and to the moon at the autumn equinox is a great ceremony of the country, and scholars and civilians are not allowed to sacrifice without authorization." Folk activities are more interesting. Men, women, old and young hairpins, drinking wine, picking wild vegetables, doing vertical egg games, doing vertical egg games

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