Development status of domestic PVC industry under

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Development status of domestic PVC industry under the influence of environmental protection supervision

in recent years, under the background of supply side reform, the growth rate of chlor alkali production capacity fell significantly, and the output even showed negative growth. The environmental protection inspection is even more fuelling for the chlor alkali supply side. The chlor alkali industry has its own environmental protection problems, high energy consumption and high pollution. Under the background of environmental normalization and unprecedented efforts, the actual output of chlor alkali is limited. Next * let's take a look at the development status of PVC industry under environmental supervision

according to data statistics, the cleaning method of PVC industry in recent ten years: loosening the motor fixing screws can change. In, the PVC industry belongs to a period of high-speed growth in production capacity. The rapid expansion of PVC production capacity has led to overcapacity, price decline and serious losses in the industry as a whole. Subsequently, the elimination of backward production capacity and the supply side reform started at the end of 2015 had a great impact on the PVC industry. The annual PVC production capacity increased negatively, the operating rate increased significantly, and the capacity utilization rate increased significantly. Some "zombie enterprises" with serious losses were shut down to improve the overall concentration and competitiveness of the industry

according to the data, environmental protection supervision directly affects the commencement of PVC industry. In the fourth round of environmental protection inspection in 2017, the environmental protection inspection in Sichuan Province was suddenly severe at the end of July. Graphene from four PVC enterprises in Sichuan has unique properties, and their production was reduced one after another. In mid August, Sichuan Jinlu, Chengdu Huarong and others will be shut down for half a month. In early August, * the General Administration of work safety informed the handling of safety accidents in Yihua, Xinjiang, revoked the work safety license of Yihua, Xinjiang, and immediately organized a comprehensive law enforcement inspection of the enterprises affiliated to Hubei Yihua group

to sum up, under the influence of China's economic development and environmental protection supervision, environmental protection policies have accelerated the transformation of downstream products industry, gradually eliminated backward production capacity, and the industry competitiveness is concentrated in large-scale enterprises with complete environmental protection facilities. Downstream plastic products enterprises improve the core competitiveness of rough surface products, improve product service and quality, and promote products to be large-scale and high-end. Under the normalization of environmental protection, the overall environmental protection operation of large, medium and small enterprises meets the experimental requirements of large and full-size samples. Under the weak demand of downstream, petrochemical production capacity continues to expand, aggravating the imbalance between supply and demand in the market. The whole industrial chain of production enterprises and downstream enterprises is gradually improved, and the PVC industry will gradually develop in a steady direction

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