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The process principle of high-purity nickel strip foil

according to the phase transformation law of nickel, before smelting, the contact mode of sulfur and phosphorus, the most harmful impurities in nickel, is reduced by subsection reduction method in the solid phase area, and then refined and purified by slag forming method and vacuum electron, with a vacuum degree of - 3 Torr

vacuum melting has the following advantages:

the gas contained in liquid metal can be discharged quickly, so that the gas content of the melt is very low

the oxidation loss of alloy elements is greatly reduced, and the oxidation slag inclusion of melt is sharply reduced

the melt does not need covering agent and flux, and the melt is not easy to be polluted

by improving the properties of metal alloys, the impact toughness can be increased by 80%, the rupture strength and elongation can be increased by 30% and the reduction of area can be increased by 50%

analyze 16 impurity elements, and the purity reaches 99.986%. Analyze 11 impurity elements, and the purity reaches 99.99%. The total amount of other elements is ≤ 0.01%. Compared with countries with advanced nickel processing in the world, the purity of nickel is significantly improved The biggest problem in the measurement process of fatigue testing machine is the problem of sample selection, subsection reduction and slagging technology, which is the first in China. Sulfur and phosphorus are reduced to less than 10ppm respectively, and the resistivity ρ ≤ 0.068 Ω· mm2/m, ensuring the stability and uniformity of resistivity It can meet the production requirements of meter electric products The processing adopts hot bloom and cold rolling, which not only reduces pollution, but also saves energy With the development of science and technology, the medium and finish rolling mills adopt imported multi roll calenders. The thinnest thickness is 0.02mm, and the tolerance is controlled at ± 0.001mm. The hardness of the material is uniform. The specification states are m, 1/4y, 1/2y, 3/4y, Y. the narrow-band process is made of strip shearing and the performance is stable and reliable. It is processed with German imported equipment, and the section is a regular rectangle. This process is accurate, difficult, and the product is excellent The narrowest is 1mm wide, the minimum size of the product is 0.02*1mm, and the curvature is ≤ 0.5mm/m. The product has good welding performance, good conductivity and oxidation resistance, good finish, and complete state specifications


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