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Key points of processing and production of professional hardware injection molding manufacturers

key points of processing and production of professional hardware injection molding manufacturers

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key points of processing and production of professional hardware injection molding manufacturers

Shanghai Xinyun plastic products Co., Ltd. has advanced production equipment and capable technicians. With scientific enterprise management and strong capital operation ability, Constantly develop in the market competition. Quality assurance, reasonable price, punctual delivery and considerate service have won a good reputation in the industry. In mass production of plastic products, we should try to reduce the manual labor in the process of opening and closing the mold and in the process of taking parts.

everyone knows that the color of injection molded products is rich and colorful, and the raw materials processed are indeed transparent and translucent polyethylene and polypropylene. Therefore, when processing injection molded products, we often need to dye the injection molded products, So what do you know about the coloring methods of injection molding products. The compound colorant coloring method is the most accurate coloring technology, which can produce accurate, repeatable and appropriate colors, which is most suitable for small batch production. Most commercial plastics are colored on injection molding machines, while most engineering plastics are colored when sold

plastic injection mold is basically divided into static mold and dynamic mold. The static mold with sprue sleeve on one side of the injection head of the injection molding machine is generally composed of sprue sleeve, backup plate and template. A simple mold can also use a thicker template without using backup plate. The sprue sleeve is generally a standard part, and it is not recommended to cancel it unless for special reasons. The use of sprue sleeve is conducive to the installation of molds and convenient replacement without polishing by yourself

the patented technology of metal parts injection molding involves the molding technology of rapidly heating and cooling the mold. The mold can be quickly cooled by the water-cooling system installed on the mold surface. Because the conduction system only needs to heat the mold surface, this unique process greatly shortens the processing cycle. Roctool can use the different thermal conductivity of the mold surface materials to heat a certain part of the mold to a higher temperature as required, for example, A set surface area on the surface of class a vehicles. This technology is dedicated to mass production and is a good processing solution for thermosetting and thermoplastic materials

key points of processing and production of professional hardware parts injection molding manufacturers. Some special mold sprue sleeves can be drilled out or cut with taper line. When a part of the mold must be demoulded by a static mold, a static mold demoulding mechanism must be added. The structure of the moving die is generally the moving die, the moving die backup plate, the demoulding mechanism, the die foot and the installation fixing plate. It will cause slight damage to the surface of the insert and affect the product quality. The allowable limit range of quality shall be confirmed in advance

metal parts injection molding ordinary injection molding does not need to use a particularly precise injection molding machine, nor does it need specially designated materials. Generally, commonly used thermoplastics can be used for production, so ordinary injection molding process is widely used in modern plastic industry. Injection molding if the wall thickness of the injection molded parts is uneven, it will lead to product deformation or shrinkage. To solve this problem, it is best to suggest the customer to modify the product. If the product cannot be changed, it can only be transferred by reversing the C angle or R angle at the transition between thick and thin, which will reduce the stress problem of the plastic when flowing, and reduce the stress, so the product is not easy to deform. Of course, this thick and thin place cannot be more than 60%, Otherwise, it must be thinned or thickened

key points of processing and production of professional hardware parts injection molding manufacturers mold quality includes the following aspects:

⑴ product quality: stability and conformity of product size, smoothness of product surface, utilization rate of product materials, etc; The sawtooth shape, warpage, material thickness difference, diameter difference and thickness difference caused by metallization of metal inserts due to stamping shall be measured in advance. On this basis, the matching selection design of the automation device and the design of the mold structure are carried out

⑵ service life: on the premise of ensuring product quality, the number of work cycles that the mold can complete or the number of parts produced; PC for injection molding of hardware parts should be heated in clean air, glycerin, liquid paraffin, etc. the time depends on the product, and it takes more than 10 hours at most. Pet must undergo biaxial stretching process to obtain good mechanical properties

⑶ use and maintenance of the mold: whether it is the most convenient to use, easy to demould, and the production assistance time is as short as possible; Insert molding refers to the injection of resin after the pre prepared inserts of different materials are installed in the mold, and the molten materials are bonded and solidified with the inserts,

⑷ maintenance cost, maintenance periodicity, etc. Therefore, the combination of upper and lower dies, the combination of insert and cavity, and the assembly between modules all require high machining accuracy. The dimensional accuracy of precision molds often reaches μ Class M

be familiar with the geometric shape of plastic parts and clarify the use requirements. In addition to understanding the drawings and establishing a clear three-dimensional image in your mind, you should also fully understand the purpose of plastic parts and the role of each part of plastic parts, and clarify the molding shrinkage, transparency, dimensional tolerance, surface roughness and allowable deformation range of plastic parts. Review the structural processability of plastic parts and confirm whether all details of plastic parts meet the processability conditions of injection molding. A high-quality mold depends not only on the correctness of mold structure, but also on whether the structure of plastic parts can meet the requirements of molding process. Understand the specification and model of the injection machine in detail, and determine the model and specification of the injection machine before the design, so as to have a definite aim in the mold design and correctly handle the relationship between the injection mold and the injection machine

key points of processing and production of professional hardware parts injection molding manufacturers. In the demoulding mechanism, in addition to the stripper rod, there is also a return rod, and some molds also need to add springs to achieve functions such as automatic demoulding. There are also guide posts, cooling water holes, flow channels, etc. are also essential to the basic structure of the mold. The workbench should be kept clean, no 2 Cultivate a batch of innovative comprehensive physical scratch and scratch products; During production, the products should be comprehensively inspected every 30 minutes, and the samples and quality inspection and packaging instructions should be carefully checked to ensure that the qualified rate of the products produced reaches 100%

of course, there are inclined guide boxes, inclined guide pillars, etc. for inclined guide molds. When designing a mold for a product, we must first set the basic structural dimensions of the mold to prepare materials to speed up the mold manufacturing. For complex products, the product drawing should be drawn first, and then the size of the mold should be determined. Various moulds are widely used in various material processing industries. Such as sand mold or die-casting mold used for metal casting, forging mold and cold pressing mold used for metal pressure processing

generally speaking, the working cycle of injection molding tooling is mostly between one month and several months, which takes a long time. Therefore, in addition to the normal shift handover, the operator should also account for the use of injection molding tooling, such as recording in detail the number and time of use of injection molding and injection molding tooling tooling, problems in work, faults, the results and progress of inspection and maintenance, etc, So that the operator can master the relevant information of the injection mold in detail to ensure that the work can be carried out normally

now the mold basically needs heat treatment to increase the hardness of the mold and improve the service life of the mold. Before heat treatment, the formwork shall be preliminarily processed: drill the guide pillar hole, return hole (moving die), cavity hole, screw hole, gate sleeve hole (moving die) cooling water hole, etc., mill the runner and cavity, and mill the inclined guide box for some molds

the key points of processing and production, business and production development of professional hardware parts injection molding manufacturers. Although mold design and mold manufacturing are the focus of the plastic industry, these contents are included in the activity of "mold manufacturing". At the same time, we will carry out important business development and establish production plans. Specifically, business development needs to fully define the supply chain with the rapid growth of the domestic and foreign food market in 2016, and establish initial orders to support the launch of the product. The hardware parts injection molding plant needs to establish production plans for the layout of assembly lines, the input of human resource needs, and the establishment of manufacturing technology and facilities

key points of processing and production of professional hardware parts injection molding manufacturers. Now the templates of ordinary precision molds generally use Cr12, Cr12MoV and some professional mold steels. The hardness of Cr12 should not be too high, and it often cracks at HRC60 degrees. The common hardness of templates is generally about HRC55 degrees. The hardness of the core can be above hrc58. If the material is 3Cr2W8V, the surface hardness of nitriding treatment after manufacturing should be above hrc58, and the thicker the nitriding layer, the better

the design of plastic parts for injection molding of hardware parts includes the consideration of aesthetics, structure, heating, manufacturing and other aspects. The design of manufacturing method will be used to confirm the problem of effective manufacturing of components. The design of assembly method can be used to reduce components, determine the tolerance of key dimensions and ensure the assembly economy of finished products. Key points of processing and production of hardware parts injection molding manufacturers, "detailed design" means that each component will be specified with material, geometry, surface roughness, tolerance, supplier and cost. If you need to customize plastic parts, you need to quote these parts at this stage. In order to obtain approval, the manufacturing cost and detailed design are submitted to the management. If the product design and cost are acceptable, the required budget can be allocated, and the product development is mainly focused on manufacturing

gate is directly related to the beauty of plastic parts. If the gate design is not good, it is easy to produce defects. It is easy to produce serpentine flow without any obstruction. For products with high requirements, overflow and exhaust should also be designed. The ejector rod can be used at the overflow, and there should be no overflow flash on the formwork, so as not to affect the service life of the mold. There are more and more mold design software, and most of them seldom use pencils to draw mold drawings

the process parameters that need to be paid attention to in the injection molding process generally include the above, and these process parameters are not divided into primary and secondary. Each factor is crucial to the quality of injection molding products. It is necessary for injection molding engineers to reasonably formulate the reference of process parameters according to different products, different plastic types and other product information. The injection molding processing of hardware parts has guaranteed the quality requirements of products. The design of injection mold is a very complex and heavy task. Injection molding processing needs to understand the comprehensive information of the target plastic injection parts, so we should make full preparations before the design of injection mold to prevent major adjustments in the design process

basic ways to improve mold quality: mold design is the most important step to improve mold quality, and many factors need to be considered, including the selection of mold materials, the usability and safety of mold structure, and the usability of mold parts. 5 The light bar has self-locking function, processability and convenience of mold maintenance, which should be considered as much as possible at the beginning of the design. If the enterprise covers injection molding, mold manufacturing, finished product assembly and other production contents, the infrastructure cost of such lightweight, high-strength and shock-absorbing materials should be reasonably divided

injection molding refers to the supply of the entrusting party

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