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E-era process proofing - the ingenious combination of HP5000 and hp10ps injects strong impetus into the printing industry

the arrival of the era of digitalization and networking has brought new challenges and opportunities to the traditional publishing and printing field. The maturity and application of new technologies and new equipment have expanded the concept and operation mode of traditional publishing and printing enterprises. With the increasing maturity of CTP technology products, the momentum of large format CTF is still strong, digital proofing The application of digital jigsaw folding is gradually popularized, digital fast printing and on-demand printing are in the ascendant, and the demand for Remote Proofing/output, publishing and printing, e-commerce and cross media publishing is increasingly strong. In the future, the Institute will take advantage of the development of these new technologies and applications in the field of passenger cars to promote the digital workflow step by step

new constraints faced by lifelong service of digital proofing

in the workflow of the printing industry, proofing, as one of the important links, determines the quality of printed matter. It is the last opportunity for color correction from the designer's computer screen to a large number of prints. The proofing confirmed by users is the "golden rule" of the printing factory, and the most important work of the printing factory is "chasing proofing". Proofing is so important in the printing process that it is highly valued by both printers and users. In the traditional sense, proofing is to output proofreading samples through a proofing machine, which requires lengthy technological processes such as color separation, film production, sample drying, etc., which is not only high cost, but also long cycle and low efficiency. As an efficient and high-quality new working method, digital proofing has become the mainstream way of prepress proofing in the printing industry in developed countries. It outputs samples directly on the printer through color management software, so it is more convenient and fast

digital proofing technology is one of the popular technologies in the prepress field in recent years. It is far better than the traditional proofing methods in terms of equipment investment and cost performance. However, in the early stage of the development of digital proofing, there were indeed some problems with digital proofing, the most important of which was the poor communication between customers and printers during digital proofing. The customer will take the produced electronic documents to the printing factory for digital proofing, and then the printing factory will feed back the printed samples to the customer for signature and approval, and then the customer will feed back the information to the printing factory for plate making and printing. In this process, if there is an error in the sample, it will be returned to the customer for modification. Sometimes a small error or two requires several or even more rounds. The sample modification process is cumbersome, which is not only time-consuming and laborious, prolongs the production cycle, but also increases the production cost, affects the normal production arrangement, and leads to continuous complaints from customers

a new mode of process proofing in the printing industry

e era is characterized by convenience, speed and time saving. What kind of process proofing can keep up with the pace of the E era? As a pioneer in the field of proofing in the printing industry, Hewlett Packard is committed to helping printers and customers solve all kinds of problems, and has the courage to create new ones. In view of the problems existing in digital proofing, HP launched a new generation of digital proofing mode - the large format printer HP Designjet 5000, which has the reputation of "speed and quality" all-round champion in the industry, is used in conjunction with the "photo artist" series printer HP Designjet 10ps, and the rainbow Dijie color management system is selected to form the corresponding digital proofing solution. HP Designjet 5000 is used in printing plants for proofing output before printing; HP Designjet 10ps is used on the client side for customer proofing output. Adopting this new proofing mode can not only meet the strict requirements for color management in proofing technology, but also show the advantages of digital proofing in speed and color through the ingenious combination of two kinds of equipment, fundamentally solve the communication trouble between printers and customers in the proofing process, achieve the purpose of high quality and time saving, and make the proofing process keep up with the development pace of E era

why are HP Designjet 5000 and HP designjet10ps most suitable for digital proofing in the printing process? In the technical aspect, HP Designjet 5000 is equipped with temperature and humidity sensors, which can be adjusted according to the temperature and humidity changes of production conditions. Due to the use of complete digital technology, once the proofing and color matching file (ICC file) is determined, the proofing color of each image is determined, avoiding human factors. In addition, HP Designjet 5000 itself adopts a closed-loop color calibration system, which can ensure that the same proofing is output many times and the proofing quality remains unchanged. HP Designjet 10ps adopts a 6-color split ink printing system, with a minimum ink drop of 4 pel. Using the third generation "Fuli map" color layering technology, up to 21 drops of ink can be sprayed onto the same ink dot, and the colors can reach more than 200. Because the closed-loop technology helps to connect the whole process from prepress to printing to binding, the built-in color sensor and color file integration are completely suitable for the remote design and proofing of the printing factory client

therefore, this new digital proofing mode provided by HP for users in the printing industry has the following characteristics: first, convenience: the printing factory has HP Designjet 5000 large format printer, and the customer has HP Designjet 1 superimposed with the impact of the Spring Festival on production 0ps printer, which realizes the full digitalization of the proofing process between the customer and the printing factory. On the customer side, you can use HP Designjet 10ps printer to directly proofing the electronic documents. If you are not satisfied with some elements, layout or color of the sample, or are different from your own ideas, you can directly modify the electronic documents until you are satisfied, and then send them to the printing factory by email. This will correct the errors of the document on the customer side, avoid the invalid round-trip between the printing factory and the customer, and make digital proofing very convenient. 2、 Fast: the use of these two machines, whether printing plants or customers, has made the proofing speed unprecedented. The printing speed of HP Designjet 5000 can reach up to 52.86 m2/h. The stable and high-speed printing speed is not only a reliable guarantee of production efficiency, but also an effective way to win customers' trust and win customers. HP Designjet 10ps at 600 × Printing at 600dpi resolution takes 6.55 minutes; At 1200 × 6. The experiment was stopped without breaking. Printing at 00dpi resolution took 14.30 minutes. This printing speed enables customers to quickly realize digital proofing. 3、 Time saving: obviously, HP's convenient and fast proofing new mode enables customers to complete modification or output in the shortest time when confirming small samples, so that printing plants can output prints at the fastest speed. It can not only save time, shorten the production cycle and save production costs, but also improve the core competitiveness of printing plants and customers to the greatest extent in the E-era of efficiency first

the only way for the printing industry to enter the E-era

the new HP digital proofing mode with the above characteristics has won the love of many users, especially printers. For customers who can bring long-term profits, the printing factory is willing to spend money to configure HP Designjet 10ps printers for them. Taking qilianhaide company as an example, the company is gradually implementing the general remote digital proofing process in the CTP process. In order to solve the problem that customers are troubled by time and energy when they come to the printing plant for digital proofing, qilianhaide company has added HP "photo hand" printers to its old customers. HP designjet10ps professional design proofing machine is used with HP designjet5000 of printing factory. Customers can use HP Designjet 10ps, a "photo artist" in their company, to achieve the same effect of digital proofing as HP Designjet 5000 in the printing plant, and then take the electronic documents to qilianhaide for a full set of CTP printing

this operation mode can be said to be a comprehensive customer service mode of a complete new printing company, which provides an extremely far-reaching reference value for the development of domestic professional printing companies in the future. It caters to the development trend of digital proofing and can help printers and customers solve the difficulties they are currently facing. For printing plants or output centers that already have HP Designjet 5000, it is better to configure a cheap and practical HP Designjet 10ps, such as tiger wings. It has accurate color reproduction, high-quality printing quality, impeccable printing speed, and a wide size range. It works in coordination with HP Designjet 5000, providing a new proofing tool for the printing industry to enter the E era

in this way, if there are many uncertain factors or just a layout proofing when the printer operator proofs for the first time, you can choose HP designjet10ps for small format proofing. After the customer is satisfied with all the elements and layout on the layout, the final contract proofing can be carried out. Or, after the printing enterprise configures an hp10ps printer for long-term fixed large customers, customers can easily realize small proofing in A3 format in their own office, and immediately correct the errors in the sample until they are satisfied, and then submit the electronic documents to the printing factory for printing. This easily solves the trouble of repeated modification and round-trip in the past, shortens the production cycle and improves efficiency. Moreover, configuring a cheap printer for long-term fixed customers is also a way for printers to provide value-added services, strengthen customer relations and win by surprise

digital proofing instead of traditional proofing is the inevitable trend of the digital development of printing industry. Using the new digital proofing mode provided by HP is the only way for the printing industry to enter the E era. The ingenious combination of HP Designjet 5000 and HP designjet10ps has injected strong impetus into the printing industry, enabling the printing industry to overcome the difficulties encountered in the process of digital proofing and embark on a faster and more convenient development path. The launch of HP's new digital proofing model will completely eliminate the traditional proofing and usher in a more brilliant tomorrow for digital proofing

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