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Replace traditional cigarettes with electronic cigarettes? Strictly control the quality of instruments and equipment

"smoking is harmful to health" is now owned by everyone. For the sake of wife, children and their own health, most old smokers often have the idea of quitting smoking, but nicotine and other addictive substances in tobacco often make the process of quitting smoking painful. With the emergence of this "smoking anxiety", a product called e-cigarette appeared in the market and became popular all the way because of its label of "less harm and help to quit smoking". So, are those electronic cigarettes on the market that cost dozens, hundreds or even thousands of reliable? Naturally, you need to borrow instruments and equipment to help you solve the mystery

first of all, we should understand that electronic cigarettes often consist of three basic parts: smoke bombs, atomizers and batteries. Among them, the maintenance plan installed in the cigarette bomb: some cigarette oil is directly related to the health of smokers

according to relevant data, the main components of tobacco oil are nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerin flavor and other additives. Compared with traditional cigarettes, they are less carbon monoxide, tar and other substances, and do less harm to the human body. But in fact, the nicotine content in electronic cigarette cartridges currently sold has not been effectively regulated. This also means that the risk of being damaged by excessive nicotine still exists in e-cigarette users. As an approved food additive, propylene glycol is inhaled into human lungs in the form of gas, and its safety is also in doubt

at present, the determination methods of nicotine include chromatography, spectroscopy, potentiometric analysis, photometry, etc. In addition, in order to determine the accurate content of nicotine in cigarette oil, we also need to borrow laboratory instruments and equipment such as thermostatic water bath, spectrophotometer, electronic balance, etc. In addition, if you want to know the specific components of tobacco oil, you can also complete it by mass spectrometry

secondly, the quality of atomizers and batteries in e-cigarettes is also one of the issues we should pay attention to. The inspection items of atomizer quality mainly include resistance value, air flow, smoke volume, oil leakage and working temperature. The detection of battery quality is even more obvious. It's easy to see the equipment manual at a glance; Then let's take a look at the reputation and reputation of this brand, which is cumbersome, including short-circuit protection, charging protection, overcurrent, charging time, smoking overtime protection and other test items. It is understood that most of these items can be tested by automatic smoking machines and various testing machines. It should also be noted that the above atomizer has a relatively similar principle with the medical atomizer used in the hospital, but the difference is that the latter will test its liquid atomization ability through the laser particle sizer test technology, which is more rigorous

in addition to the above instruments and equipment, the gas detector with the corresponding ability to detect the gas directly related to the machine speed and the driver speed can input the program according to the requirements, and can also detect whether there is harmful gas in the electronic smoke. Someone once passed the four in one gas detection test and confirmed that the smoke of e-cigarettes did not contain hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, etc. However, it needs to be recognized that the gas detector cannot detect the real content of nicotine, the main culprit of addiction

not only that, it is reported that a brand of e-cigarettes in the United States has introduced many flavors such as cream and mango, which has increased the number of American high school students trying to smoke e-cigarettes by 75%. It can be seen that the marketing strategy of enticing teenagers to smoke e-cigarettes has put the cart before the horse compared with the original intention of e-cigarettes to enter the market

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