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EDM texturing machine tool monitoring system based on configuration monitoring technology

1. Introduction

at present, most domestic machine tool monitoring systems belong to special systems with poor openness, which can no longer meet the development needs of today's manufacturing industry, and are typical "automation islands" in factories. The development of computer software technology and industrial control network technology makes the interconnection of factory automation equipment possible. As the bridge and link of "horizontal" and "vertical" integration of automation system [1], configuration software has been widely used in various fields of industrial automation. Configuration monitoring technology provides a basic platform for the implementation of data acquisition, process monitoring and production control, and forms a complex application system with detection components and control components. It plays a core role in energy saving, improving measurement accuracy, improving product quality, and completing the accurate transmission of production information between departments, which is conducive to eliminating information islands, reducing operating costs, improving production efficiency, and accelerating market response speed

2. Monitoring system of EDM texturing machine tool

electro discharge texturing (abbreviated as EDT) process takes the roll as the workpiece electrode, takes copper or graphite as the tool electrode, immerses the roll and tool electrode in the insulating working fluid, and EDM forms pits and bulges on the roll surface. With the uniform rotation and axial reciprocating linear motion of the roll, the pits and bulges on the roll surface are crossed, densified and overlapped, forming a textured morphology composed of random and disordered pits and bulges (as shown in Figure 1) [2]. The roughened steel plate cold rolled by EDM roughening roll is widely used in automobile, home appliance and other industries because of its good stamping and coating properties

Figure 1 Schematic diagram of roll EDM texturing

the EDM texturing machine tool adopts the monitoring system of upper and lower computer structure to realize the functions of information management and process monitoring. The lower computer adopts a programmable controller which is good at sequential logic control and switching value information processing, and is responsible for the coordination of roll rotation and axial motion, electrode servo motion, pulse power supply voltage and current output, working fluid circulation and filtration [2]. The upper computer uses the industrial control computer and Windows2000 as the hardware symptoms: the lower collet is insensitive to rise and fall and the software platform. Using the force control version 2.6 monitoring configuration software, the local monitoring program of EDM texturing and the workshop production management system are developed, and the remote monitoring station, ie browsing station and other applications are established through Ethernet. The upper computer communicates with the lower computer PLC through fx2n-232-bd function expansion board, RS232C serial port communication protocol and the i/o device driver provided by the configuration software

3. Local monitoring of EDM texturing

local monitoring of EDM texturing, that is, the upper computer system of EDM texturing machine tool. On the one hand,

(1) real time monitoring of the roll processing process of the test machine tool, which is visually displayed in the form of animation and convenient maintenance

(2) monitor the working fluid circulation system of the test machine tool in real time, and dynamically reflect the working condition of the working fluid system in the whole roll processing process

(3) select several groups of pre-set roll processing parameters and working fluid circulation system control parameters, or set and modify them manually, and communicate with the third-party software Excel through DDE to save the modified parameters

(4) accept the work tasks assigned by the workshop level management system, and select one of them to execute

(6) reflect the alarm information in real time. When there is a fault in the system, the alarm window will pop up automatically, provide audible alarm (optional), and query the historical alarm information

(7) reflect the change trend of some preset variables in real time, and query the historical trend

(8) historical report function, which can query the values of preset variables at several times in a certain period of history

(9) variable overview function, which can view the current values of variables in all areas and units of the system

(10) manage the operators, and have the functions of user login, logout and password modification. In addition, you can also query the login and operation of operators through event records

the lower computer is mainly responsible for the fault identification and state detection of the machine tool, passing these information to the upper computer to wait for commands, and controlling the roll processing subsystem and the working fluid circulation subsystem. The upper computer is responsible for receiving the information of the lower computer, reflecting the working status and alarm information of the machine tool in real time, setting the process parameters of roll processing and the control parameters of the working fluid circulation system, and accepting the work tasks issued by the workshop level management system if there is looseness

in addition, through the standard DDE interface provided by the configuration software, the monitoring system establishes a connection with the third-party software Microsoft Excel, and uses the excel report function to modify and save the process parameters and control parameters

4. The production management system of roll roughening workshop

the concept of traditional manufacturing industry will not be able to meet the development requirements of current productivity, and the information management of the factory is imperative. The production management department of the factory timely, accurately and comprehensively grasp the operation information of the production site, and timely adjust the production plan according to the changes of market demand and the production situation of the workshop. Based on the configuration software of force control version 2.6, the production management system of the rolling bar texturing workshop realizes the centralized monitoring and production task scheduling of the multi-step process machine tools for roll inspection, roll polishing and roll texturing in the rolling bar texturing workshop. The system includes the following modules:

(1) machine tool centralized monitoring module. This module mainly reflects the operation status, fault alarm and completion of work tasks of roll detection machine, roll grinder and roll texturing machine

(2) task management module. This module is responsible for task allocation and statistics of machine tools in the workshop

(3) historical data query module. This module realizes historical alarm query, historical trend query, etc

(4) personnel management module. Regularly or irregularly manage the division of work, work authority and password authorization of technicians and operators

the implementation principle of the workshop management system assigning work tasks to the machine tool is shown in Figure 2. Connect with the access database through the open database connectivity (ODBC) interface provided by the configuration software, read the work task information from the database, and then realize the real-time database sharing of the two systems of the workshop management system and the machine tool monitoring system through the network applications netserver and netclient of the force control configuration software, Communicate work tasks to EDM texturing machine tools and other machine tools

Figure 2 implementation principle of work task transmission

5. Remote monitoring and web-based remote monitoring of EDT machine tool

each component window of the remote monitoring station of EDT machine tool is exactly the same as that of the local station, except that the remote station itself is not connected with i/o devices, but accesses the real-time force control database of the local station through the connection established by the force control network application netclient and netserver based on tcp/ip protocol, Then access the variables of the local station and access the i/o devices through it. The remote station shares some variables of the local station, so when the variables of the local station change, the corresponding variables of the remote station also change, and vice versa. Thus, the remote station realizes the function of remote real-time monitoring EDT machine tool (as shown in Figure 3)

Figure 3 Schematic diagram of EDT machine tool monitoring system

production managers are no longer satisfied with directly monitoring the industrial site in the office, and the web method based on Web browser is becoming the mainstream of remote monitoring

by using the web publishing function of force control configuration software, the roughening process of rolls can be conveniently published on the Internet, providing shared information for professionals in the machine tool industry, as shown in Figure 4

Figure 4 points activate the local monitoring of texturing processing

6. Conclusion

configuration monitoring technology is an important part of the automation system, which will greatly promote the further development of the manufacturing industry and improve the automation level and information integration of the whole manufacturing industry

the EDT machine tool monitoring system, the production management system of the roll roughening workshop and the EDT remote monitoring station introduced in this paper have been stable and reliable since they have been actually operated on the test machine tool, and have better realized the pre designed functions. Using configuration software as an open platform tool to establish machine tool monitoring system can well realize the interconnection between different automation equipment in the factory, which is a way to establish an integrated network manufacturing system of management and control

this paper will introduce the monitoring system of EDM texturing machine tool based on force control version 2.6 monitoring configuration software (hereinafter referred to as "force control 2.6"). At the same time, the production management system of roll texturing workshop and the remote monitoring station of EDM texturing machine tool are also established by using force control version 2.6. Force control 2.6 has a convenient operating environment, rich graphics processing functions, powerful real-time database and networking functions, stable and reliable operation, which can meet the needs of machine tool monitoring system, with good openness and low cost

The goal pursued by CIMS is to make the management, production, operation and service of the factory fully automated, scientific and controlled, give full play to the role of people, resources and information in the enterprise, improve the operation efficiency and market adaptability of the enterprise, and reduce costs [1]. Automation technology is the foundation of CIMS, but the actual automation systems are scattered on each device. There is a lack of interconnection means between their own automation devices within the enterprise, and they cannot share data in real time, which fundamentally hinders the implementation of CIMS. During the development of CIMS in enterprises, configuration software can be used as the operation station software of DCS; It can promote enterprises to realize the informatization construction of the whole plant at low cost and high efficiency; It can solve the problem of decentralized "automation island" interconnection and greatly save the investment required for CIMS construction

the configuration software has rich i/o drivers, supports fieldbus technology and OPC standards, and has its own network system and communication functions. These will maximize the timely reflection of various production information on the site to the superior management department, so that the management department can then measure the size of the friction surface based on this measurement benchmark, and adjust the production plan in time to adapt to market changes, So that enterprises can produce greater economic benefits


[1] Ma Guohua Monitoring configuration software and its application Beijing: Tsinghua University Press, 2001

[2] song Boyan, et al Research on EDT machine tool monitoring system based on upper and lower computer structure Manufacturing technology and machine tools, 2002 (6): 11 ~ 13 (end)

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