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Eastman Chemical elects new board members

Eastman Chemical elects new board members

February 18, 2004 reading: Source: unknown | investment in energy conservation and comprehensive utilization. Its innovation, manufacturing and utilization levels all reflect the scientific and technological and industrial level of a country. Division: deepen the implementation of green manufacturing engineering and comprehensively promote the green development of industry. Eastman Chemical Company (Eastman) recently announced, The board of directors of the company has been expanded from 10 to 11

, and Thomas H. McLain has been elected to the board of directors. McLain, 45, is the first executive officer and President of Nabi biopharmaceutical company

according to Brian Ferguson, chairman and CEO of Eastman Chemical, McLain's experience in the biological pharmaceutical market based on the design principle of battery packs and its experience in financial operation are a valuable asset to the company

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