Trends of the hottest SAP superabsorbent polymers

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Sap (superabsorbent polymer) enterprise dynamics

now many manufacturers are increasing production capacity, but BASF has not decided to rebuild its 65000 ton/year production plant in Birkenhead, UK. This production 7 The electrical box on the base of the experimental machine was changed and the factory was closed in May 2001 due to a fire. This manufacturing plant accounts for 50% of BASF's Sap production in Europe. At the end of 2001, it will start a 100000 ton/year production plant in Antwerp, Belgium. BASF plans to decommission its 25000 ton/year production plant in Mannheim, Germany, at the end of 2001, but has not yet decided. Nippon Shokubai started its first production plant in Antwerp, Europe in January 2001, with a production capacity of 30000 tons/year. Dow Chemical Company increased its German production capacity at the end of 2001, taking the opportunity to go deep into the lithium battery industry with a capacity of 30000 tons/year. Degussa closed a 40000 ton/year production plant in Greensboro, USA. According to the chart released by the European non woven fabric Association, the total production capacity in Europe was 340000 tons/year in 2000, 403000 tons/year in Asia and 480000 tons/year in the United States. SAP's main market is baby diapers. In Western Europe, the demand level is 17billion pieces/year. Due to the current problem of low noise production rate, the demand is expected to decline slowly

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