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Eston company launched a new generation of EDC series low-power AC servo

in order to apply to a wider range of applications, eston company launched a new generation of EDC series low-power AC servo, creating a precedent for domestic low-power AC servo

in combination with the application of modern industry in production, it is actually a key industry for rapid cross-linking. The EDC series AC servo in the art design and the latest electronic manufacturing industry has an outstanding small size. "Its compact structure adds a beautiful scenery to the servo family. It is widely used in instrument machine tools, textile machinery, packaging machinery, printing machinery, spring machinery, robots, motor manufacturing and other mechanical equipment

ed means the thermal conductivity is arranged in sequence. C series AC servo applies the latest high-speed digital signal processor (DSP), which meets the control requirements of high-speed and high-precision servo. The active disturbance rejection control and speed observation control algorithm cooperate with the feedforward control that compensates the delay of the servo, and the command smoothing technology, which has better dynamic tracking and stability performance than the traditional PI control, and truly realizes the high performance, high response, high precision and high reliability of the servo

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