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Embracing the industrial IOT yingweiteng to solve the pain points of the monitoring system

recently, the China Academy of information and communications released the economic development report of the industrial interconnection industry (2020). The report predicts that in 2020, the economic added value of China's industrial interconnection industry will reach 3.1 trillion yuan, and its contribution to GDP growth will exceed 11%. It can be said that industrial interconnection is not only the key to the new infrastructure, but also an important cornerstone of the fourth industrial revolution

as an important part of industrial interconnection, industrial IOT also plays a decisive role. In short, industrial IOT is the application of IOT in industry. However, it is worth noting that, despite years of development, the application of industrial IOT in different industries still exists. For monitoring systems in different industries and projects, the cost of independent maintenance is high, and new industries need to be redeveloped, with high development costs

in view of the rapid development of industrial IOT and its existing embarrassing situation, the trusted industrial control and energy efficiency solution provider NVIDIA has started to comprehensively layout IOT early. Among them, NVIDIA IOT developed a set of easy to maintain and expand IOT monitoring system, which can provide configuration solutions to the problems of different equipment data points that users in different industries and projects are concerned about. The scheme supports users to customize the monitoring equipment parameters and information that are concerned by their own industry through the operation of the visual interface in the configuration function module, and solves the pain point of the non-uniformity of the cross industry monitoring system

There is an annular groove at the top of the cylinder

for example, in the photovoltaic water pump industry, the monitoring parameters that users may be concerned about are PV voltage, revenue, power generation, total flow, etc., so you can combine these parameters that need to be monitored through the configuration visual interface (as shown in the figure below), and customize the monitoring scheme specific to the industry. Other industries such as motors, air compressors, grain machinery, high voltage, etc. can customize the exclusive scheme

configurator diagram

and this IOT monitoring system is only a small part of the industrial IOT system architecture of NVIDIA. Through careful research and business practice in recent years, NVIDIA has formed a complete industrial IOT system architecture with clear levels, which is convenient for optimizing and developing each layer

the item indicates what time interval is used to determine the value of experimental force and displacement in the experiment. The former NVIDIA IOT has covered the fields of system application, edge computing, security and so on, and has entered the industrial ecological supply pool of Guangdong Industrial IOT. At the same time, it has the cloud platform iwocloud with independent intellectual property rights. It is believed that in the future, NVIDIA industrial IOT will continue to provide enterprises with a full set of IOT solutions to help enterprises further improve the automation and management level of equipment

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