Safety operation procedures for the most fire slur

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Safety operation procedures for mud pumps

safety operation procedures for mud pumps: the monthly income of auxiliary production personnel is also more than 2000 yuan

I. the pump must be installed on a stable foundation frame or foundation without looseness

II. Inspection before starting:

1. All connecting parts shall be fastened

2. The electric rotation direction shall be correct

3. The clutch is flexible and reliable

4. The pipeline connection is firm, the sealing is reliable, and the bottom valve is flexible and effective

III. before starting, the suction pipe, bottom valve and pump body must be filled with water, and the upper end of the buffer of the pressure gauge must be filled with oil

IV. rotate by hand to make the piston reciprocate twice. No load start can be carried out only when there is no obstruction and the line insulation is good. Insert one end of the steel bar to be bent into the gap available for fixing the rotary table, and then gradually increase the load after the operation is normal. V. pay attention to the sealing condition of each sealing device during operation and adjust it if necessary. The pull rod and auxiliary rod shall be lubricated frequently

VI. the sand content of mud shall not exceed 10% during operation

VII. In order to ensure reliable splash lubrication, the mud pump with several speeds shall be operated separately in each shift, and the time shall not be less than 30 seconds

VIII. It is strictly forbidden to change the speed during operation. When it is necessary to change the speed, the pump shall be stopped for gear shifting

IX. in case of abnormal noise, abnormal water weight and pressure or obvious high temperature during operation, stop the pump for inspection

X. under normal conditions, the pump shall be stopped under no load. When the pump is stopped for a long time, all drain holes must be opened, and the cylinder head must be loosened. The injection molding manufacturer and other processors use a manipulator in the production workshop to reduce the cost and improve the efficiency, lift the bottom valve drain rod, and discharge all the mud and sand stretched in the pump body and pipeline: maximum force, tensile strength, elongation at break, elastic modulus, etc

Xi. In case of long-term shutdown, thoroughly clean the mud, sand and oil dirt in each part, drain the lubricating oil in the crankcase, and take anti rust and anti-corrosion measures

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