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The graceful mist, wide wooden barrel, floating rose petals, and the image of solid wood bathtub are always associated with fragrant soup beauty and elegance. However, with people's pursuit of quality life, the solid wood bathtub that shows the quality of life and taste is no longer a patent that a few people can enjoy. It has increasingly entered the families of ordinary consumers

↑ Cedar bathtub (see the picture)

solid wood bathtub is divided into two categories

bathtub mainly includes two categories: bathtub and bathtub, which are easy to distinguish in appearance. Similar to common ceramic bathtubs or acrylic bathtubs, the width and height of solid wood bathtubs are basically 680mm and 680mm, and the length ranges from 1400mm to 1600mm; The length of the bath barrel is mostly 1400mm and 1500mm, and the width and height are 680mm and 750mm respectively

solid wood bathtubs often use materials with hard wood, high density and good corrosion resistance, such as spruce, oak, pine, cedar, etc. cedar is the most common material for solid wood bathtubs in the market. According to the shopping guide of a brand of solid wood bathtub in Daming Palace building materials home town, in addition to giving people a refreshing feeling, the solid wood bathtub also has the advantages of easy cleaning, no static electricity, environmental protection and nature. After bathing, you can wash it with clean water, and daily maintenance is simpler. The solid wood bathtub likes to be wet and afraid of being dry. When necessary, you often use clean water to soak it and avoid exposure to the sun

pay attention to three aspects when shopping for solid wood bathtubs

pay attention to three aspects when shopping for solid wood bathtubs: first, look at the appearance. For a well-made bathtub, the plates are closely jointed, and the transition between the plates can not be felt by touching with your hand. The hand feeling is exquisite. The leather handrails and headrests configured in the bathtub highlight the humanization of the design. The bathtub with poor workmanship has no characteristics in design, and its surface is rough. You can feel the existence of seams by touching the plate with your hand

second weight, most of the time, consumers can't distinguish what kind of wood is very clear, but when shopping, lift up the bathtub with your hand and feel it. Obviously, there must be a problem if it is very light

third, look at the moisture content. The solid wood bathtub likes to be wet and is afraid of being dry. There will be a moisture content item in the relevant quality inspection report of the product, which is related to whether the bathtub will be deformed. Jin Lin, an expert from the provincial forestry industrial products quality inspection station, said that the moisture content of solid wood panels in Xi'an should be between 7% and 12.8%, so it is inappropriate to be lower than 7% or higher than 12.8%




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