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Automation solution -- the gospel of modern pharmaceutical packaging factory Qianshan pharmaceutical is one of the three listed enterprises in China. It is a famous pharmaceutical factory in the industry. Please introduce the production scale of xiaqianshan pharmaceutical factory and the main types of pharmaceutical machines

Hunan Qianshan Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the national Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone. It was registered and established in Hunan Administration for Industry and Commerce in October2002. It was publicly listed on the growth enterprise market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on may11,2011, with the stock code of 300216. The company is a key high-tech enterprise in the national torch plan, a leader in China's pharmaceutical special equipment, and a major injection production equipment supplier in China

the company is engaged in the manufacturing, sales, import and export of pharmaceutical machinery, medical devices, food and beverage machinery and packaging machinery. Its products include: automatic production line for large-scale infusion of non PVC film soft bags, automatic production line for large-scale infusion of plastic bottles, automatic production line for large-scale infusion of high-speed glass bottles, automatic production line for plastic ampoule injections, all-in-one machine for blowing, filling and sealing of inner sealed infusion bags, automatic intelligent lamp inspection machine under the National 863 plan Ampoule washing, drying, filling and sealing automatic production line, oral liquid washing, drying, filling and sealing automatic production line, antibiotic bottle washing, drying, filling and sealing automatic production line, vacuum freeze dryer, glass pre filling and sealing syringe needle assembly production line, infusion set assembly production line, plastic syringe assembly production line, vacuum blood collection vessel assembly production line, sterile filter assembly production line, disposable sterile blood collection needle, disposable sterile vacuum blood collection vessel, catheter support Catheter, endoscope, etc

Q2. When did Qianshan pharmaceutical come into contact with Bifu? How long has it taken for the two sides to establish a cooperative relationship from the initial contact, further investigation to the final selection of Beifu's automation products? I understand that the embedded PC and module are suitable at first. What kind of mechanical production line is it used in

Qianshan pharmaceutical machinery came into contact with Beifu at the end of 2008. At that time, Beifu was still in the development stage in the domestic pharmaceutical machinery industry. However, based on Beifu's decades of industry background and its good reputation in the automation industry, Qianshan pharmaceutical machinery decided to adopt Beifu's automatic control system in the full-automatic intelligent light inspection machine at the beginning of 2009. Beifu provided it with a complete customized solution according to the requirements of Qianshan pharmaceutical machinery

Q3. How is the operation of Qianshan pharmaceutical's equipment? Can it meet the production requirements of customers? What means does biff use to help users in the packaging industry achieve breakthroughs

Qianshan pharmaceutical has always maintained its leading position in the pharmaceutical machinery industry. Qianshan brand has become a famous brand in China's pharmaceutical machinery industry, won the trust of the majority of users, and has a large experimental journey. Its products sell well all over the country

nowadays, many engineers are required to be responsible for process control, packaging and environmental conditions, because the procedures of each link are different, so many engineers are required to ensure the normal operation of the whole system. If Beifu's PC based automation technology is adopted, the whole plant has only one system, and only one engineer can solve all problems. Beifu provides customers with customized solutions. Beifu's equipment is open and can be integrated with other equipment. Compared with its competitors, Beifu company has done more outstanding in improving the production capacity and product quality of equipment, reducing waste in the production process and equipment preparation stage, and reducing maintenance and energy consumption costs

Beifu PC based control technology can integrate all important control functions into a central platform through high-performance PC: including PLC, motion control, robotics, measurement technology and condition monitoring. And because of the open control system of Beifu, it can be integrated with other equipment. Compared with competitors, it has done more outstanding in improving the production capacity and processing accuracy of equipment, reducing maintenance and reducing energy consumption

wincat can integrate PLC, motion control, high-precision measurement technology, condition monitoring and robot technology on the same platform. This means that all process steps can be controlled by a PC. PLC function libraries and function blocks provide ready-made solutions for the packaging industry, such as color code grabbing, cycle or pendulum control, high-speed cam controller, multi cam, flying saw and torque control, and TwinCAT motion conversion software can directly integrate robot technology into PC control system

the EtherCAT communication system established worldwide, combined with EtherCAT extreme speed control technology (XFC), provides significant benefits in this packaging industry requiring high speed and high precision. Distributed clock, timestamp function, and i/o response time less than 100 microseconds provide new opportunities for process optimization. Finally, EtherCAT and XFC make the packaging production line more precise and use less raw materials, which leads to improved product quality and significant cost savings

Q4. Can you talk about the future development direction of the application of automation solutions in modern pharmaceutical machinery factories?

improvement of integration and modularity

the integration of pharmaceutical equipment is to integrate the separation or sequence transfer process into one equipment. Its characteristics are that it can overcome cross contamination, reduce operators and space, reduce safety. 2. It needs to preheat the technical requirements and installation space requirements for 5 minutes after startup. It includes the integration of multi process process equipment, the integration of front and rear linkage equipment, the integration of the feeding and discharging device and the main machine, and the integration of the main machine and inspection equipment

modularization refers to a small complete set of equipment that can independently realize a certain specific function and is composed of several modules such as equipment, pipelines, conveyor belts or control systems with a certain specific function. Through the combination of multiple modules, users' needs for space and time can be obtained and met to the greatest extent, and can be assembled into a large complete set of pharmaceutical devices or production lines

less manpower and improvement of automation

with the continuous development of China's pharmaceutical industry and the increasing supervision of drug production by government departments, the automation level of China's pharmaceutical equipment will gradually improve, and automated equipment will gradually replace manual and semi-automatic equipment

the new drug packaging machine is required to be simple, high productivity, more complete and more automatic. With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, microelectronics, computers, industrial robots, image sensing technology and new materials will be more and more widely used in packaging machinery in the future. Enterprises will march towards packaging equipment with high production efficiency, high automation, good reliability, strong flexibility and high technical content

improvement of electronic data processing

the system software adopts the configuration form, which can combine the process flow between various vertical friction and wear testing machines, which are a very comprehensive experimental equipment, to form chart types and data tables that meet the needs of users


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